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The main purpose of the Jávea U3A is to encourage lifelong learning and friendship for those no longer
in full time employment, by providing Educational, Recreational and Leisure Activities for its members.


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Support for the ISVH Bomberos de Balcón al Mar


The ISVH Bomberos of Balcón al Mar, working alongside the professionals, played a hugely important role in containing and extinguishing the fires that broke out in the Granadella region during early September. Many more in Jávea would have lost their homes without the amazing effort from all these brave people.


The Bomberos de Balcón al Mar are a volunteer service and are Jávea's ONLY fire brigade. Some of their equipment was damaged during the fight against the blaze and now needs to be replaced. A number of fund-raising initiatives are already active to provide the monies needed to return the Bomberos to a fully equipped state as soon as possible. The Jávea U3A have already raises over €1300 for this cause.


If you wish to show your support for the ISVH Bomberos, please follow the link below to see how you might contribute. It does not matter which "initiative" you choose as longer as we get the ISVH Bomberos back ready to fight the next incident.   Support the ISVH Bomberos

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Jávea Fires

The President and Committee of the Jávea U3A wish to express their sympathy and solidarity with our members who have been affected by the terrible fires that we have suffered in Jávea over the past few days.

We know that there has been much co-operation in offering accommodation and assistance to those who were evacuated from their homes, we applaud this neighbourliness in our community.

Our thanks are due to the wonderful fire fighters who have toiled ceaselessly on our behalf.

Travel - The Asturias Trip

At the June General Meeting, Travel Organiser Charo Brown collected expressions of interest for a possible trip next year to Asturias. Response was very good and so planning of this trip can now go ahead.

For those members that expressed interest, it is important to understand that the June meeting was not collecting bookings and names taken in June will have no bearing on the final booking list.

Bookings will not start until the October General Meeting when a deposit will be required to secure each and every booking.

See Travel for those details currently available.

Spanish Culture & Cuisine - Cullera trip

Due to a cancellation, a few places are now available on the 2nd trip to Cullera on Thursday 13th October: On your doorstep: a day of culture & cuisine in Cullera.

Full details and how to book can be found on Sp C&C.

Not Just Folk Music

September's NJFM event will be on 3rd October. !!! For a detailed explanation regarding the lack of suitable days in September see NJFM. However, it will be, as usual, an event not to be missed, unless of course you turn up in September that is!

Discussion Group

The next meeting is on Friday 7th October when the subject will be

Is there any justification for the huge differences in pay rates between the highest paid executives and the shop floor workers?

See Discussion for reports on previous meetings.

Dine and Dance - Christmas Event

The menu for this event is now available on the Dine and Dance Web page. If you have booked for this event please send your choices to Pat and Eric.

There are still places available.

See Dine and dance for more details.

Backgammon Group

Unfortunately, Backgammon Group has had to close. The size of the group has been dwindling for some time but has now reached a point where the group is no longer viable.

Many thanks to the Group Leader Susan Vickers who has run this group for many years.

La Noche de Flamenco

Some photos from a very enjoyable evening at Club de Tenis. Good food, good company and an excellent Flamenco show.

See Sp C&C for the photos.

Jávea U3A Care and Share Network

The Care & Share Network is not a group as it includes every Jávea U3A member.

Click on Care & Share now to discover why.

Jávea U3A Barn Dance

This year's Barn Dance will be on 28th October at Venta de Posa.

See Barn Dance for more information including the menu and details of the location.

Book now to avoid disappointment. It is always a great event and loads of fun. Don't miss out.

Transport to / from Venta de Posa

There are plans to provide a coach to take Barn Dancers between Jávea Port and Venta de Posa. If you are interested in booking a place on the coach, please contact Barbara Gorrod on bg.travel@u3ajavea.org.

Executive Committee Election

September sees the start of the nomination process for the new Executive Committee. Any Member is welcome to stand for any of the Executive posts.

See Executive Committee Elections for more details as to how the Nomination and Voting will take place from now on.

The Committee has adopted an Online Election Process. Amongst other things, it allows Members to vote securely via the WebSite.

Why not have a try with the DEMO Voting System now.

Ladies That Lunch

The next meeting of the group is on Saturday 15th October at the Zauber Café on Cami Cabanes.

See Ladies That Lunch for all the details.

History Group

The next meeting of the History Group, the first of the new season, will be on 11th October when Cheda Panajotovic will give a talk on The Borgias.  See History for more details, including a synopsis of the talk.

Discount List

There are 22 suppliers of goods and services on the discount list. All of these have been contacted in the last 3 months to confirm their participation in our discount scheme. Members are encouraged to take advantage of these discounts and special offers.

Many members will frequent establishments and use services where their supplier would be pleased to have access to an association with over 1200 members.

We suggest that our members should encourage such suppliers to offer a discount or special offer specifically for Jávea U3A members. This can be done by asking the supplier to get in touch with the President (president@u3ajavea.org) or any member of the Committee.

It should be emphasised that the Jávea U3A does not endorse or recommend any services on the Discount List.

Hogmanay Party

Angela and Tony are arranging a Hogmanay Party for New Year's Eve.

Full details are available on Hogmanay including the menu, the entertainment and booking instructions.

Ladies Friday Padel

Bernadine Davis-Turpin and Liz Ayling have started a new Padel group aimed at Ladies that are experienced at tennis or squash.

For more details, see Ladies Friday Padel.

Spanish Beginners Group 2

If you know a little bit of Spanish why not join this class which still has a few places available.

See Spanish Beginners for more details.


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