Jávea U3A
Asociación Social de la
Tercera Edad de Jávea

Welcome to the Jávea U3A Web Site.

The main purpose of the Jávea U3A is to encourage lifelong learning and friendship for those no longer
in full time employment, by providing Educational, Recreational and Leisure Activities for its members.


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Executive Committee Elections

It is time for you, the Members, to vote into office a new Executive Committee. These Candidates have volunteered to serve you as best they can in the coming year.

The Committee has adopted an Online Election Process driven from our WebSite. This provides the Membership with an easy, quick way of voting, from any location.

(See Election Process for more details).

Online Voting is now open and closes on Monday 22nd March (18:00). This provides about 8-week period for voting.

If you wish to vote then you MUST vote online, via the Jávea U3A Website.

To vote, all you need is your Membership Card at hand and click on the button below. Couldn't be easier!

Online Voting Form.

Thank you very much for voting

Ladies That Lunch

The next event for the ladies is at Restaurante Attico on Thursday 1st March.

See Ladies That Lunch for more details.

History Group

The next meeting of the History Group will be on 13th March when Alan Hunton will give a talk on John Flamsteed: the First Astronomer Royal.  See History for more details, including a synopsis of the talk.

The History Group has been led by Peter Atkinson for 7 years and now needs a new leader. Read Peter's appeal for a replacement to keep this popular group going.

The Future of the History Group

Spanish Culture & Cuisine

On the afternoon of Sat 21st April, Angela and Tony  have arranged a Lunch and Concert at the Jávea Parador.
Booking via email is now open.

See Spanish Culture & Cuisine for full details.

Residency Rights After BREXIT

According to emails from various sources, the British Government and the European Union have agreed on the Residency Rights of UK citizens living in Spain.

See BREXIT Rights for more details.

British Consul in Alicante, Sarah-Jane Morris, will be visiting Xàbia on Tuesday 20th February to attend an open meeting to talk with British residents about their concerns about Brexit and especially how it could affect them and what they can do to prepare. The meeting will take place in the Casa de Cultura in the Plaça del Baix in the heart of the historic centre at 16:00 and is open to all who are interested.

Executive Elections - Have you voted yet?

If not, why not vote now. Takes 2 minutes.

Vote Now

The 2018 Barn Dance

The Barn Dance is to be held on Friday 2nd March at Venta de Posa. There are still tickets available but hurry!

See Barn Dance for details.

Golf - Anybody interested?

Anybody interested in playing golf at the local golf courses of Jávea Golf, La Sella or Oliva Nova on an ad hoc basis, up to a handicap of 26.

Please contact Ronald Doran on golf@u3ajavea.org.

Sunday Singles

The next venue for Sunday Singles is Bodeguilla on 18th February.

See Sunday Singles for more details.

Family History

The next meeting is on 20th February.

See Family History for more details.

New Group: Modern Sequence Dancing

John Pittaway is starting a new Jávea U3A Group on Wednesdays at Quo Vadis. Beginners welcome. Keep mind and body active and have fun at the same time!

See Modern Sequence Dancing for more details.

3-Day Trip to Zaragoza

Mike and Katrina Frost are organising a 3 day trip to Zaragoza in June. Booking is now open. See Zaragoza for details.

New Group: Snooker Two

Anyone for Snooker?

Brian Trendall is starting a new Snooker Group. The group will meet on Tuesdays.

See Snooker Two for more details.

Camino de Santiago

The itinerary for stages 5 to 9 is now available. Stage 5 is on 7th March.

See Camino de Santiago for more details.

Anything IT Related

Unfortunately, this group has had to be temporarily suspended. If and when it restarts, the notification will be placed here on the NewsFEED.

New Group: Badminton Two

Alan Waggett has started a new Badminton group for the more experienced players.

See Badminton Two for the details.

Basic Canasta

The new venue for Basic Canasta is La Mona Bistro in Jávea Port and the group are now meeting on Fridays.

See Basic Canasta for more details.


Have you got any Suggestions?

If so, send an email to suggestions@u3ajavea.org.

Jávea U3A Face Book

Jávea U3A Care and Share Network

The Care & Share Network is not a group as it includes every Jávea U3A member.

Click on Care & Share now to discover why.

Photos from the Camino de Santiago walk

The first 4 stages of the walk have now been completed. Eight still to go, but they are in the spring!

See Camino de Santiago for more details.

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