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Group Leader Lynne Montague
Email Addr canasta.one@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue

Ximera (Chimos), Jávea Port.

Meeting Day and Time

Mondays, 14:45 for prompt start at 15:00.


We have been using Ximera for 18 months now, it is a pleasant location with plenty of room and reasonably easy parking.  

Chimo, the proprietor or Ximera, has now told me that I would have to move the Canasta Group out of his bar.  The reasons he gave were as follows:-

  1. People were leaving without paying their bill.  This is the same reason we had to move Cards for Fun from Chambou!
  2. Although we were using the 'children's room' and were not supposed to use the toilet facilities, it did not stop a few complaining that they were not up to scratch.
  3. We were allowed to use the bar on the proviso that we would all buy at least one drink.  This is no longer a viable proposition as it costs more for the staff and cleaning than we are spending.

I have made an agreement with Chimo that we would each pay €1 in addition to buying at least one drink each.  He has agreed to try this out for a two week period.  If, at the end of this time, he is not satisfied that everyone is playing their part we will have to find other premises.

So, to summarise, from Monday 28th May, Canasta on Monday will cost €1 plus 1 drink per person. 

The toilet facilities in the children's room will not be used. 

Drinks will be paid for at the time of purchase.


If you require information on this group please contact the Group Leader on the email address above.


Future Schedule

Date and Time Presenter Subject
Tues 24th Dec 10.00 am A.N.Other Bsc The meaning of life etc.

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