Jávea U3A

Computer Knowledge

Group Leader
Email Addr pck@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Baptist Centre, Jávea Old Town.
(Almost behind the Correos).
Meeting Day and Time 1st Monday of the month
from 14:00 to 16:00.

This is a self-help group (not a course) covering all aspects of personal computer hardware and software.

Jávea U3A members can discuss issues arising from their use of computers and seek help from others in the group, with the aim of enhancing everyone's use of computing.

The pooled experience of members provides a means of identifying "best practice" in computer use, for example in word processing, video editing, computer backups etc. and allows informed discussion about the possible approaches to using computers for common tasks, such as the production of newsletters, photo archives, web browsing, etc.

On occasion, short talks are also given on generic topics of interest, for example anti-virus software, Desktop vs. Laptop, storage mediums, Windows and so on. None of this is to an advanced level! Please contact the group leader at the address above for more information.

If you require information on this group please contact the Group Leader on the email address above.


Microsoft OneDrive (Synopsis of talk by Tom Miller, May 2015).

Some Photos from Previous Group Meetings.

Please Note

There is a second group (the Computer Support Group), that covers similar ground.

Click Computer Support to go to their page.