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Computer Support

Group Leader l
Email Addr computer.support.group@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Secretos, Arenal.
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Meeting Day and Time 1st Wednesday of month at 10:30.


Malcolm Neill has stepped down as Group Leader, and in the absence of a new Group Leader this group is closing down. If anybody volunteers to take over from Malcolm then the group could continue.


The aim of this group is to further the expansion of knowledge in computers, software and related technology and provide a support infrastructure to assist group members in solving their technology problems

The group is similar to the Practical Computer Knowledge Group, and is intended to provide a forum within which U3A members can discuss issues arising from their use of computers and seek help and advice from other members of the group. It is intended to provide a source of knowledge with respect to "best practice" in the utilisation of computer technology and software as well as assistance in the solving of individual problems.

The pooled experience of members in utilising various applications and operating systems allows for informed discussion and presentations of "how to use " applications such as Word processing, spreadsheets, video editing, etc., as well as subjects such as backup and restore of data, installation and upgrade of new operating systems, networking, etc. None of these are to an advanced level and are intended for typical "non professional" users who need to expand their knowledge in the subject.

There are places available in the group for new members wishing to further their knowledge on managing their PCs. Good management can significantly improve performance, enhance security and recover a lot of wasted disc space. If you have any specific issues that require advice then bring them along to the meeting for discussion and resolution. Please contact the group leader at the email address above if you would like to join the group.

Frustrated, got a problem, need some assistance? Come and join us at the Computer Support Group.