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Curry Club

Group Leader Dodie and James Hodgkinson
Email Addr curry.club@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue

Members houses, as arranged.

Meeting Day and Time As arranged

The Curry Club.

To enhance enjoyment, knowledge and culinary skills of “curry” dishes.

The Curry Club will focus on the cooking and sharing of meals in members’ homes.

To enable everyone to participate fully there will be three or four meals arranged bimonthly, usually for a maximum of 8 people. Everyone will act as hosts at least once in the year and contribute to all the meals that they attend.  Each meal will have a theme to enable us to focus on and learn more about a specific region’s cuisine.


Message from the Group Leaders


Hi everyone,

We have decided after five years that we are giving up the coordination of the Curry Club.

We are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit volunteers to host meals and then to find the numbers to fill the dinner party places. Two events have been cancelled altogether in the past year. Keeping up a viable pool of members, at present 34,  has always been a difficult task. Attempts to recruit more members has had a limited success but only to replace loss of members. Additionally members are spending more time away from the Jávea area.  This includes longer visits to the UK and holidays.

We are going to finish from the end of this year so events proposed for the New Year will not take effect.

We hope that someone in the group may take on  our coordinating role as there are many in the group who do enjoy the meals. Perhaps new ideas are needed?
If you are interested in taking on this role please let us know.
We hope that you have enjoyed your curry nights as much as we have and that you will continue to experiment with spicy cuisines.

We would like to thank members for supporting us over the period of our role which we have enjoyed.

Best wishes for Christmas and the New year.


Dodie and James Hodgkinson






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