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Curry Club

Group Leader Dodie and James Hodgkinson
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Members houses, as arranged.

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The Curry Club.

To enhance enjoyment, knowledge and culinary skills of “curry” dishes.

The Curry Club will focus on the cooking and sharing of meals in members’ homes.

To enable everyone to participate fully there will be three or four meals arranged bimonthly, usually for a maximum of 8 people. Everyone will act as hosts at least once in the year and contribute to all the meals that they attend.  Each meal will have a theme to enable us to focus on and learn more about a specific region’s cuisine.


April's Meetings

Indonesian Cuisine


There were two April Curry nights


Because Indonesia is made up of so many islands and regions, the food people eat is quite diverse.


Five main Indonesian cooking methods are goreng (frying), bakar or panggang (grilling), tumis (stir frying), rebus (boiling) and kukus (steaming).


Dishes commonly include rice or pasta, Stuffed spring rolls, pancakes or dumplings, Meat (generally not pork as Indonesians are Muslim), Fish, Vegetables, and Soy based dishes with tofu and Soups. Dishes are often served with accompaniments such as Sambal (a relish made from chillies, ginger and garlic.


Desserts are commonly of tropical fruits e.g. starfruit, mango. Dutch-Indonesian fusion dishes also exist, of which the most well-known is the Rijsttafel ("Rice table"), which is an elaborate meal consisting of many (up to several dozen) small dishes (hence filling "an entire table").


One group attempted a Rice table with a mixture of chicken, beef and fish dishes, accompanied by sauces, pickles and relishes, followed by a delicious dessert of Cookies, coconut and pineapple ice cream accompanied by Coconut liqueur.


Dodie and James Hodgkinson


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New members are welcome. Please contact the Group Leaders at address above or at the General Meetings at the Parador.


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