Jávea U3A

Digital SLR Photography
for Beginners

Group Leader Tore Naess
Email Addr slr.digital.photo@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Group Leader's House, Jávea
Meeting Day and Time Sundays 10:00 (or as arranged).

This Digital SLR Photography group is for those who want to improve their photography and have more sophisticated cameras than the standard small digital camera. Typically, our group members have digital SLR (single lens reflex) cameras or the new range of digital cameras (hybrid is one name).

We will be covering a great range of subjects including landscape, group photography, portraiture, nature, etc. etc. – whatever the group wants with the emphasis on the visual side.

We meet at our house in the countryside near Jávea with most photographic sessions within our large garden or outside in the countryside. It’s all very casual and friendly with tea and coffee and this autumn we will be looking at whatever photographs group members want to show and discuss with others.

If you require information on this group please contact the Group Leader on the email address above.