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Group Leader Paul Pruden
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The Jávea U3A group of the Friends of Avinença, along with similar groups nearby, is made up of a group of people who are interested in learning about the natural, historical and cultural heritage of the Land of Valencia, that is the Provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castillon.

Register on our www.avinenca.es Website to become a member of our group. Membership is free.


What do we do?

From time to time we take part in 'special interest' visits. The visits are guided in English and are usually whole day trips. With the Friends of Avinença, we have privileged access to different venues, always with expert guides. On some of these trips we combine with similar groups from nearby U3As.

Venues include Natural Parks, traditional farms, archaeological sites, conservation projects, historic sites and buildings.

One coach makes each trip. Places on these pilot trips are allocated in proportion to the membership numbers of each of the U3As. Early booking & payment is essential if you wish to take part in these trips. Payment can be made through the Friends of Avinença Website www.avinenca.es.

If you would like to become involved in our activities and would like to join us on some of our trips please either visit the Friends of Avinença web site or email Paul Pruden at the address above, or come and talk to us at the monthly Jávea U3A General Meetings. We look forward to your involvement with us.


Conservation Activities in Moraira

Are you interested in conservation of endangered species of fauna?

It may surprise you to know that the lagoon by the beach, near the castle in Moraira is designated as a site of great ecological importance. The reason for this is that Moraira is one of the few places that have a breeding population of a species of fish that is on the IUCN Red List of endangered species. These fish are called fartet.

The habitat at the lagoon is ideally suited for these fish as it has springs supplying it with fresh water as well as saline water seeping into it from the sea.

Over the past six years, volunteers from the Friends of Avinença, particularly those from the U3A in Moraira, have been looking after the lagoon site.  We are now seeking additional volunteers to help in preserving this site which is a pleasing nature reserve as well as being of significant scientific interest.

Our activities are mainly carried out during a 2-hour period each week. We are involved in controlling non endemic flora and keeping the site tidy, as well as keeping an eye on the protection of the local wildlife that lives in the reserve.

If you would like to become involved in our activities, either contact us at xabia.forall@yahoo.es or via this website. Your involvement will help us preserve this important amenity.


Other Activities

The Olive Grove Project at Beniarbeig. Some of you will be aware that we look after and harvest for our own use, the fruit from an olive grove in Beniarbeig. The season is fast approaching when we will be preparing the next crop.

To this end we will be having an Action Day at Beniarbeig within the next 6 weeks. This involves picking the crop, a little light pruning of the trees. We will share the crop among those involved in the picking activity and will explain the traditional way of preparing the olives for eating.

We will do this from 09:45-12:30 on a day that is convenient to the greatest number of volunteers. Afterwards we will go on to a local bar for some well-deserved refreshments.

If you would like to take part in this activity, please contact Paul Pruden on xabia.forall@yahoo.es and we will settle on an appropriate day for the activity.