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Group Leader Peter Atkinson
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Meeting Venue Casa de Cultura, Jávea.
Meeting Day and Time 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:30.
See schedule below.

The History Group held its inaugural meeting as long ago as April 2005 and has now heard more than a hundred presentations on a broad range of subjects and eras.               

We meet monthly between October and June, featuring a talk from a volunteer speaker.  It’s not like history as you remember it in school because our talks are informative, entertaining and well-illustrated, and there are no tests or exams!

By definition, all Jávea U3A members are members of the History Group so come along; there’s no need to book. To learn more about the group or to have your name added to our e-mailing list please contact the group leader.


The first meeting of the new season will be on 10th October, when Cheda Panajotovic will give a talk on a substance with a long and varied history:

Old King Coal.


Here is Cheda’s synopsis:


Marco Polo travelled to China in the 13th century and described coal as "black stones which burn like logs".  It was so plentiful, he wrote, that people could take three hot baths a week!  He may well have been surprised as there are no mines in his native Venice.


Yet, at that same time London was bringing in ‘sea coal’ from the Newcastle area of the north-east.  The wharf where the material arrived in London was granted a charter by King Henry III in 1253.


In 1257–59, coal from Newcastle upon Tyne was shipped to London for the smiths and lime-burners building Westminster Abbey.  These easily accessible surface sources could not meet the growing demand.  The Coal was delivered to Seacoal and to Newcastle Lane thus ‘taking coals to Newcastle’!


Our horrendous story starts when the surface coal gets exhausted and when men and women started to dig deep below the earth’s surface, helped by their 8-year-old, and sometime younger, children.



Future Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
  Summer Break  
10th October Cheda Panajotovic

Old King Coal.

14th November Alan Oliver The Vikings.
12th December Angela Chantry Domenico Chiocchetti and Orkney’s Italian Chapel.

We also have a small lending library of history books, magazines and DVDs. Anyone wishing to join the group, give a presentation, donate books, or participate in any other way, will be most welcome.

To see a the list of previous talks given to the group please click Previous Talks.

History Library

The group has a library of history books, videos and DVD's. These are available for loan to group members. Some of the items were purchased from group funds and many have been donated by group members.

The list of the books available.

Reading List from Mike Granville's talk on Alternative Histories

If you wish to borrow an item please email the group leader at the address above and the Group Leader will bring the item to the next group meeting.