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Group Leader Peter Atkinson
Email Addr history@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Casa de Cultura, Jávea.
Meeting Day and Time 2nd Tuesday of the month at 11:30.
See schedule below.

The History Group held its inaugural meeting as long ago as April 2005 and has now heard more than a hundred presentations on a broad range of subjects and eras.               

We meet monthly between October and June, featuring a talk from a volunteer speaker.  It’s not like history as you remember it in school because our talks are informative, entertaining and well-illustrated, and there are no tests or exams!

By definition, all Jávea U3A members are members of the History Group so come along; there’s no need to book. To learn more about the group or to have your name added to our e-mailing list please contact the group leader.



From Peter Atkinson, Group Leader.


The Jávea U3A History Group needs a new leader.  It has been led by me for the last seven years and I believe it is now time for a change.  If the group is to continue beyond June of this year we need to have a new leader by then.


The group leader does not need to have a deep knowledge of history and there is no requirement for her or him to give talks.  Public-speaking need not extend beyond introducing and thanking speakers. 


The group is well supported, and running it is not a particularly onerous or time-consuming task.  If you are interested in knowing more about what is involved, I would be very pleased to hear from you at history@u3ajavea.org.  (Of course, while the present format runs smoothly, a new leader will be completely free to change it.) 


A new leader will have the support of the group’s regular speakers.  If invited, I am sure that all will continue to be happy to appear on the programme (and that includes me).


Peter Atkinson, Group Leader




The next meeting of the group will be on Tuesday 13th March, when Alan Hunton will get a talk entitled John Flamsteed: the First Astronomer Royal, a mix of human drama and developments in science.


Alan will discuss the reasons why John Flamsteed is relatively little known whereas Isaac Newton became famous even during his own lifetime. These two scientists were born during the English Civil Wars and both contributed a huge amount of knowledge to mathematics and astronomy in the 17th Century. It is truly the start of modern science based on observed facts rather than philosophical thought. Whilst Newton was busy at Trinity College Cambridge, Flamsteed was appointed by Charles II as England’s first Astronomer Royal.


Flamsteed convinced the king that an observatory at Greenwich would help in the search for longitude. His meticulous observing skills attracted the attention of Newton. Initial correspondence was friendly but distrust led to a 30-year-long feud. We will see how this tempestuous relationship played out and how Edmund Halley (of Comet fame) made matters worse. Brian Cox would never behave this badly!




Future Schedule

Date Presenter Topic
13th March Alan Hunton

John Flamsteed; the First Astronomer Royal .

10th April John Hopwood The History of Woolworths and the Extraordinary Exploits of the Woolworth Family.
8th May Mike Rendell Pride and Prejudice: from Printed Word to the Silver Screen.
12th June Peter Atkinson

Prohibition, 1920-1933: a Textbook Example of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

We also have a small lending library of history books, magazines and DVDs. Anyone wishing to join the group, give a presentation, donate books, or participate in any other way, will be most welcome.

To see a the list of previous talks given to the group please click Previous Talks.

History Library

The group has a library of history books, videos and DVD's. These are available for loan to group members. Some of the items were purchased from group funds and many have been donated by group members.

The list of the books available.

Reading List from Mike Granville's talk on Alternative Histories

If you wish to borrow an item please email the group leader at the address above and the Group Leader will bring the item to the next group meeting.