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Group Leader Kay Thomas
Email Addr mahjong@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Parador, Jávea.
Meeting Day and Time Weekly on Tuesday at 15:00 hrs.

The game of Mahjong (meaning “sparrow” from the twittering sound of the tiles on the board), is also known as the game of Four Winds and is derived from traditional Chinese card games. In 1998 the Chinese government declared Mahjong to be an official sport and published a unique set of rules which are now followed internationally. The first World Championship was held in Tokyo in 2002.

Now you can play this fascinating and fun game in Jávea.

Those who have played before are welcome to join us, or those who haven’t played before but are interested, are welcome to come along and watch the play.


The Jávea U3A Mahjong group held a lunch at the El Jardin Chinese restaurant to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Rooster. By the time we remembered to take a photo a number of the group had left.


Kay Thomas

Group Leader






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Various photos taken during meetings.

Photos taken at the group's meeting at the Café Artisano on 2nd June 2009.

Photos taken at the Mahjong Dinner on 9th June 2009.