Jávea U3A

Not Just
Folk Music

Group Leader Ellis
Email Addr folk.music@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Inn on the Green (Jávea Bowls Club) on
Trav Cansalades.
Meeting Day and Time Normally last Monday of the month,
meeting at 19:00 for 19:30 start, and
concluding around 22:30 - 22:45.
folk music pic

The Not Just Folk Music Group continues to grow in both size and performance. Although we originally called ourselves a folk group, we have never restricted ourselves to purely traditional or contemporary folk music. Blues, Country, amusing musical ditties, and even 60s/70s pop may be heard. Indeed, any acoustic music is most welcome at any of our sessions.


Hi to you all,


The next evening's entertainment will be at the Inn on the Green on Monday 30th April at 19:30.


Thank you for your support at our recent get together. Thanks also to all my well wishers who sent me lovely messages (I'm forming a fan club).

The massed guitars playing Just Want to Dance the Night Away went extremely well to finish off the evening. (Thanks to Phil Shepherd for leading this). We will keep this as a regular feature and add to it. 

The raffle for a bottle of Baileys will now be a regular feature. The contribution towards the cost of the room is now reduced to €1 per person and you will receive a raffle ticket. Keep you raffle ticket for the Baileys draw in the second half.


Let's have fun! Enjoy!


Kind Regards,



For the musicians who wish to join in the massed guitar ending:

Can you practice Save the Last Dance for Me?

Rythm as in drifters version E B7 A or capo 2nd fret D A7 G.

(Please practice singing the response 'Yes I Know) and rythm change when we segue into Just Wanna Dance the Night Away E B7 (same tempo).


Our already active and enthusiastic group of singers and musicians, who enjoy either playing, singing, or just joining in with music from a variety of backgrounds, are continuing to attend and enjoy the monthly sessions. The aim of the group is for members to join in and enjoy impromptu sessions of music which can be from almost any section of the musical spectrum. Contributions of any sort are always welcomed, and a wide-ranging variety of musical renditions are already being given and enjoyed by members of the group.

The format will be to have individual artistes performing in the first half of the evening. The second half of the evening will again be individuals giving of their skills culminating in a number of the guys with guitars getting together with other vocalists for a good old fashioned sing song.

Any U3A members who have guitars, accordions, violins, tin whistles, spoons, or whatever tucked away in cupboards gathering dust, should take this opportunity to get together with other like-minded ‘musicians’ and ‘singers’ for informal and impromptu sessions of music. If you are not able to play an instrument, you may like to sing unaccompanied, or even just give a monologue or read some poetry. Not everyone attending need sing or play an instrument, but all are welcome to attend, if only to listen, hopefully enjoy some music in a relaxed atmosphere, and perhaps join in a chorus or two.

We look forward to welcoming all past members of the group, and any new members that would like to join us at the next meeting.

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the Group Leader in the first instance by e-mail on the address above and we look forward to hopefully seeing some new faces at our sessions during the months ahead.

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Goodbye to Ian, and Hello to Ellis. (March 2018).

Photos from the Summer BBQ June 2016.

Photos from the Christmas 2014 Session.

Photos from the Christmas 2013 Show. Not suitable for children

Photos of the Barbeque at the Inn On The Green in June 2013.

Photos of the last session in 2012 - a Christmas Cracker.

Photos of the Barbeque at the Inn On The Green in June 2012.

Photos of the meeting on 24th March 2010, with guest singer Pam Dentith.

Photos of the very first meeting on 28th January 2009.