Jávea U3A


Padel Tennis - Guidelines

Currently there are three Padel groups, which meet at different times and at different locations. Whilst each group is distinct with its own Group Leader (GL), having a different mix of members, differing numbers of members and different formats for how sessions are conducted, there is a set of guidelines that applies to all groups. Contact one or more GL’s for more information; please do not believe that in contacting one GL the information will be shared.


In order that we can accommodate as many members as possible and maximise playing time for members, there are guidelines as to how Jávea U3A Padel groups operate. In becoming a registered member of any of the U3A Javea Padel groups you agree to be bound by these guidelines.

  1. Each group operates at the discretion of the GL however it is expected that major decisions affecting that group are discussed within the group.
  2. We are here to enjoy ourselves. Members should embrace the spirit of membership of their Padel Group.
  3. Group Leaders are volunteers who give of their time to organise and administer their groups and deserve respect.
  4. Members taking part in the Padel Group activities do so entirely at their own risk and should ensure they are physically able to participate in the activities of the Padel Group to which they are registered.
  5. Individuals can only be registered as a member of one Padel Group.
  6. Members can only play in the group of which they are a registered member.
  7. Members should advise GL as to periods of long term non-attendance.
  8. Unless GL is notified of long term absence the default is that members will be attending a session. Members unable to attend should provide reasonable notice to GL.
  9. Persistent non-attendance without notification adversely affects the smooth running of the group and as such will be addressed by the GL; this may result in the member being removed from the list of registered group members.
  10. All matches are played in accordance with F.I.P.PADEL REGULATIONS with which members should acquaint themselves. http://media.wix.com/ugd/b602c3_657a03882fc6459485793253abf066b4.pdf
  11. Players will wear suitable sports clothing and footwear. Swim wear is not allowed.
  12. Players may not throw or hit the ball violently, in any direction, out of the court, or at players on the other side of the net when not in play.
  13. GL (or appointed deputy) manages each session which may include:
    1. Allocation of courts,
    2. Order of play,
    3. Composition of playing partnerships,
    4. Superintendence of playing time,
    5. Rotation of play.
  14. Group activity session commences at posted start time when GL will (based on numbers and resources) set out the format for the session. Members should be aware of this and not expect to continue any “warm up” games started prior to the official start time of the session.
  15. There will be a fee for each session that covers the cost of the courts and supply of consumables such as balls.
    1. The fee will be the same for each session regardless of the number of players attending and is payable by all players at the session.
    2. The fee will be collected at the start of the session. No Pay, No Play.
    3. Any change in the fee will be advised to members in advance.
    4. GL will maintain account of finances which will be available on request.
  16. GL will endeavour to give reasonable notice if session is cancelled or re-scheduled.
  17. Sportsmanship not gamesmanship! Players must at all times behave in a sportsmanlike manner avoiding any action which goes against the sporting spirit or in general the established norms of fair play.