Jávea U3A


Group Leader

John and Beryl Chun

Email Addr petanque.two@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue Footbal pitch, Calle Verona, Avenida Augusta, near the port.
Meeting Day and Time Fridays, 16:15 for 16:30.



Hi Friday Petancas,


This Friday 25th June is the last official day of the season.


We have officially booked the pistes to start again on the 7th September.


The groundsman is happy for our members to play any time he is there so if you wish to form a group the chance is there.


John and Beryl.



Please be aware that members taking part in this activity do so entirely at their own risk. Members are responsible for their own medical cover.



All interested please contact the Group Leader on the address above.

Future Schedule

Date and Time Presenter Subject
Tues 24th Dec 10.00 am A.N.Other Bsc The meaning of life etc.

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