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Meeting Venue Far end of Main Hall, Parador, Jávea.
Meeting Day and Time Last Wednesday of the month, 10:00 - 10:55.

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The Travel Team arrange a variety of one day trips and activities throughout the year, and longer excursions to more distant parts of Spain, with hotel accommodation.

The Travel Organisers are on hand to collect money and names for trips on the morning of the general meetings in the Parador Hotel. Please see the conditions for booking and payments.


Events Summary (full details below):

For Jávea U3A trips, click on destination to go to the event description.


Thurs 4 April Day Trip to Valencia city centre & Oceanografic. (Day Trip)
Sat 6th April The Liverpool Band (Day Trip) Cancelled due to insufficient support.

Tuesday 14 May Day Trip to Lladró Factory & Albufera Lakes – Guide Tours (Day Trip)


Please be aware that members taking part in these activities do so entirely at their own risk. Members are responsible for their own medical cover.



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Camino de Santiago ( Stage 10b ) from Ontinyent to Fontanars de Alforin 1st. half).

Day trip

Friday 29th.March 2019

Total Cost:

€ 30 Approx


Coach and Lunch





In full


Bank Transfer Code:



Jávea Bus Station

07:45 for 08:00


Jávea Bus Station

Approx 17:50 - 18:20


Charo Brown travel.charo@u3ajavea.org


Camino de Santiago

Camino de Alba is a recent addition to the Camino de Santiago from Javea to Almansa in 12 (easy) stages. The total walk length provides the justification for an official Camino de Santiago pilgrim stamp.

We completed the 12 stages at intervals during October 2017 - May 2018, collecting official Camino de Santiago


Stage 10b Itinerary

08:00 Bus departs Jávea bus station.

09:40 Stop for 20 minute comfort break & coffee at Bar “El Encuentro” south of Ontinyent.

Bus drops walkers at Camp de Tiro (or at road junction near top of hill if driver can be persuaded).

10:25 Bus returns to Ontinyent with non-walkers for a visit to the textile museum, then proceeds to Restaurant La Cova, Fontanars dels Alforins (With optional visit en-route to one of Bodega Los Pinos, Bodegas Los Frailes or bodega El Poblet).

14:15 – 14:45 Walkers arrive at Restaurant la Cova (time depending on bus drop-off point).

16:00 – 16:30 Bus departs Fontanars.

17:50 – 18:20 Bus arrives Jávea bus station.

The walk distance will be from 15 to 17 km, depending on how far the bus driver is prepared to take us up to the drop-off point. Walk duration is therefore expected to be 4 - 4.5 hrs. (Note that this walk will be nowhere near as arduous as last week's Etapa 10a.).

Peregrino passport accreditation stamping will be provided in the restaurant.

Note that there is space for non-walkers on the bus, but the optional bodega visits are only viable if at least 6 non-walkers come along.

The trip cost is expected to be around €30 (excluding any bodega visit) but could be less, depending on the number sharing the bus.

Note that there are no public convenience facilities anywhere along the walking route.

Please let me have your meal choices by Wednesday pm. There are entremeses and postres caseros to share, and the segundo plato can be ordered on arrival. The only choice that needs to be advised in advance is the primero plato, which is either fabada (a tasty white bean stew) or ensalada rusa.

Looking forward, Etapa 11 is scheduled for Friday 5th April, and Etapa 12 for Friday 12th April (with possible overnight to Saturday 13th - TBA).

Un Abrazo


The Stages

Stage 1 (Etapa 1) from Jávea Port to Jesús Pobre was successfully completed on Weds 18th October.  

Stage 2 (Etapa 2) from Jesús Pobre to El Verger was successfully completed on Weds 8th November.

Stage 3 (Etapa 3) from El Verger to Pego was successfully completed on Weds 22th November.

Stage 4 (Etapa 4) from Pego to Forna was successfully completed on Weds 6th December

Stage 5 (Etapa 5) from Forna to Villalonga was successfully completed on Weds 7th March.

Stage 6 (Etapa 6) from Villalonga to L'Orxa was successfully completed on Weds 14th March.

Stage 7 (Etapa 7) from L'Orxa to Beniarrés was successfully completed on Weds 21st March.

Stage 8 (Etapa 8) from Beniarrés to Albaida was successfully completed on Weds 4th April.

Stage 9 (Etapa 9) from Albaida to Ontinyent was successfully completed on Thurs 5th April.

Stage 10 (Etapa 10b) from Ontinyent to Fontanars de Alforin was completed on Weds 11th April.

Stage 11 from Fontanars de Alforin to La Font de Figueras was completed on Weds 18th April.

Stage 12 from La Font de Figueras to Almansa was completed on 9th/10th May.

Stage 13 from Toledo - Avila Posponed untill May 2020.

Dear all,

It is with great regret that I have to inform you that I feel I have to postpone the Toledo - Avila camino trip/expedition until May 2020.

It has proved impossible to date to confirm hotel occupancy limits, local coach service availability for walkers, trippers and luggage, and what locations of interest exist between the two cities for the trippers (non-walkers).

I am now out of time to ensure that the level of detail required in the planning and the costings could still be done before the April meeting.

I now plan to do an extended recce trip to the area in the summer as I find I cannot rely on agencies to create the type of package I am looking for.

I am sincerely sorry for any disappointment this postponement may cause.




Day Trip to Valencia city centre & Oceanografic

Day Trip

Thursday 4th April

Total Cost:

€31 includes Coach and Oceanographic (Group 20 min) (€10 City Centre - Coach Only)


Coach and Oceanographic


Full - Wait List only


In Full

Due by:

27th February


Bank Transfer Code:



Interiors, Jávea Port

08:45 for 09:00 Prompt


Interiors, Jávea Port

18.30 Approx


Dave Butt & Rhona Wells travel.db@u3ajavea.org

Note: to take advantage of the group rate the Oceanografic must be paid at the time of booking.


Day Trip to Valencia city centre & Oceanografic

Valencia is a fascinating city with many things to see and do but on this trip we are visiting the Oceanografic, with an option of visiting the City Centre. We will spend the day looking at the fascinating sea creatures and wonderful birds in a landscaped environment.


You will visit Antarctica, Arctic, Indian Ocean and other tropical seascapes.  All these creatures are displayed as naturally as possible.  On some days there are dolphin or sea lion or penguin displays in the amphitheater.  You will find notice boards which will inform you of the times of these displays.

There are two restaurant and various other eating places. Price includes entrance to the Oceanografic. If you wish you can leave the Aquarium and go into Valencia for a wander and lunch. You can of course stay in the Oceanografic all day if you chose.

The City Centre option is free time to wander wherever you wish.  For those Members who love shopping El Cortes Ingles has a 5 storey Department Store just a stone’s throw away from the Oceanographic.

The coach departs the Oceanographic at 5.00pm prompt with a subsequent pick up in the City Centre about 15 minutes later.  Due to parking restrictions we are not able to wait around in the City Centre, so please ensure you are there in good time.  Otherwise you will be left behind!

Note: The City Centre pick up point is the same as the drop off point.

Lladró Factory & Albufera Lakes – Guide Tours

Day Trip

Tuesday 14th May

Total Cost:

€43 euro per person


Coach, Tour guides, lunch, boat trip


Places still available


In Full

Due by:

27th February


Bank Transfer Code:



Interiors, Jávea Port

08:45 for 09:00 Prompt


Interiors, Jávea Port

18.30 Approx


Dave Butt & Jan Wylie travel.db@u3ajavea.org


Day Trip to Lladró Factory & Albufera Lakes – Guide Tours

Our trip starts at 08:45 at Interiors, Javea and will include a fully guided visit to the Lladró Factory near Valencia, we then go on to El Palmar for lunch (starters, paella cooked on wood fire, dessert and drinks, incl. house wine and coffee). Before lunch we will be joined by our guide who will be explaining the park, Albufera history and other details on the boat trip) we will be taking a boat trip around the lake and finally a visit to a Barraca (the traditional fisherman’s cottage).


We travel by coach for a visit to the main area for Porcelain located in Tavernes Blanques, near Valencia. The Lladró factory is spread over a huge 1,000,000 square foot site where all the Lladró works of art are born.

Before the factory tour we will stop for coffee and a comfort break Upon reaching the factory we have a fully guided tour (in English) lasting approximately one and a half hours. During this tour we will see the artisan’s workshop and also the artists at work. We will be shown every step in the entirely handmade process of creation from the design of the original model to the final piece when it is fired in the kiln.

We then pick up our guide and travel to the village of El Palmar. Once an island, it is now accessible via a narrow road and an even narrower bridge and is situated close to the City of Valencia on the banks of the Albufera lake. Once Europe’s largest fresh water lake, much of the area has been turned over to the cultivation of rice, but the Albufera is still home to carp and eels and an extensive bird reserve with, among others, egrets and blue herons making their home here.

Walking into the village itself, it would be easy to think that its restaurants are all it has to offer, but the fishing boats which line the canals on each side of the village bear witness to the main livelihood of its inhabitants.

We are stopping in El Palmar for lunch and visiting our restaurant for a three course lunch including ½ a bottle of wine, water, soft drinks, coffee and the main course will obviously be their speciality dish - paella.

In the afternoon, we will enjoy a cruise on Albufera lake. Once back on dry land we will have opportunity of looking inside one of the cosy little thatched cottages called Barracas which are to be seen all over the area. Though very small, inside they seemed surprisingly spacious and comfortable.

Note: the only cost not included is the refreshment stop before visiting the Lladró factory.


The Travel Group

If you cannot attend the Parador you can contact any Travel Organiser via the website. Please see the Methods of Payments below for payment options. ALL MEMBERS ARE WELCOME on our day excursions, trips, and special events. So are your ideas for any future excursions.

Come and talk to us:

charo janw ronw janw janw janw  
Charo Brown Jan Wylie Rhona Wells Tricia Davey Val Johnson Dave Butt

We would like to remind everyone that we are not tour operators or certified travel guides, but volunteers! As you would expect, we carry out a lot of research for the trips offered, frequently visiting places ourselves first in order to carry out “a reckie”. For this reason, on day trips the travel organiser and his/her partner does not pay for the travel element of a trip, but do pay for meals, guided tours etc. On longer excursions to the different regions within Spain, the travel organiser pays 50% of the cost of the trip.

We are looking for more members to join us as Travel Organisers and help with organising trips. If you might be interested, please contact the Group Leader at the address above.




Methods of Booking and Payment for Travel Trips


  • Each trip is documented on the WebSite and the date of the Initial Booking Session will be defined in the trip description. The Initial Booking Session will normally be at a specified General Meeting at the Parador, in which case emails received before the Initial Booking Session will be ignored until after the session.
  • If you want to book on one the trips then you should come to the Parador General Meeting and speak to the appropriate Trip Organiser. There you can book your place (and if required, a place for your partner) and pay the required amount. 
  • If you come to the Travel Desk at the Initial Booking Session, you are also allowed to book and pay for up to a maximum of 2 other members but this is only possible once the current queue has been processed.
    [Members will book and pay for themselves and then immediately join the back of the current queue to book and pay for 1 or 2 friends. This gives priority to those Members that are in the queue when booking starts.]
  • Payment secures the booking.
  • Once the Initial Booking Session at the General Meeting is over, you can send an email to the Trip Organiser to find out whether there are still places available.
    Email communication with the Trip Organiser does not guarantee your place on the trip. 
    Your place is only secured once you have paid the required amount.
    You can do this by
    (a) attending the next General Meeting and paying then,
    (b) paying by Bank Transfer (once paid, send an email to the Trip Organiser to confirm your payment),
    (c) or getting a friend to pay for you at a subsequent General Meeting. 
  • For trips with a two-stage payment (i.e. a deposit then a final balance), if you fail to make the final balance payment on time then you may lose your place on the trip, as well as your deposit.
  • Once a trip has been paid for, it cannot be cancelled nor can the cost be refunded. However, if the Member finds another person to take their place, or there is a waiting list, then a full refund can usually be arranged.


Payment By Cheque

Payments of €50 or over can be made by cheque at the General Meeting to one of the Travel Group representives.

However, we prefer that you pay by Cash or by Bank Transfer as Cheques cause the Jávea U3A considerable extra work and can also result in bank charges. Thank you.

If you really need to pay by Cheque, then it should be made payable to:


and please remember to put the name of the Trip on the reverse of the cheque.


Payment By Bank Transfer

Your can pay for your Travel Trip by Bank Transfer.

Each Trip has a unique Bank Transfer Code and you must use this code along with names and membership numbers of those being paid for as part of the Bank Transfer Reference. See Payment By Bank Transferfor details.

Once payment has been made, you should send an email to the Trip Organiser to confirm your payment, quoting your name(s), membership number(s) and the name of the trip.


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