Jávea U3A

WAGs Too

Group Leader

Trevor Rush

Email Addr wine@u3ajavea.org
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Meeting Venue La Cocina Restaurant, Jávea Port
Meeting Day and Time 3rd Thursday of the month.
12:30 for 13:00 start.

The Wine Appreciation Group meets on a monthly basis to discuss and taste wines of many types and from various regions. The group is for our enjoyment and fellowship while we taste some wine.  There may also be occasional away-days to visit a region or a bodega.



Dear Wags Too,


Trevor opened the meeting by welcoming everyone to the start of a new year and the start of his parade. The shoes that I have to follow are huge but with everyone`s support and friendship many more enjoyable lunches will lie ahead. Geoff has been a stirling leader of our group, creating the formula which we all enjoy today and keeping us in order as only a dictator knows how and for this I know we will always be extremely grateful.

Due to a `misunderstanding` with the bodega arranged for today’s talk their visit was cancelled, they thought we were just going to be a market place for them. In true tradition of “the show must go on” the newly retired group leader Geoff gave a talk on some of his current favourites from Bodegas Blasco which is in Teulada.


Four red wines, gradually improving in quality, flavour and price were enjoyed by all.
Every wine that Geoff was offering had been purchased at extremely advantageous prices which he was very keen to emphasise, whilst ensuring that we realised he did not have shares in the bodega. The final wine a Gran Reserva 2005 @11.90€ had been bought for 6.50€ after the various discounts had been taken into account. Because he bought six bottles of this he was very pleased to announce that he received three free which would be extra for the raffle.


Many thanks to Geoff for filling the breach, to Michael & Glynis for being dinner monitors and to Julie for saving the day when we had forgotten the raffle tickets.

Best of all, Geoff drew his own raffle ticket for first prize, happy retirement.



See List of wines for details

Useful Links

www.casadelvino.biz Casa del Vino.

www.lacocinajavea.com La Cocina.

Programme 2016

Meetings (normally the third Thursday of the month)

Date Event

The 2016 Season includes:

How the Group Operates

The group operates as follows:-

  1. The monthly meetings will normally be on the third Thursday of each month at 12:30 for an 13:00 start.
  2. The cost of the meeting will be €15 each as before. Please bring the correct money in notes as no change will be available! 
  3. All members will be e-mail-ed during the second week of each month with the date of the next meeting and the menu selection, which will include a meat dish, a fish dish, and a vegetarian dish. 
  4. Please then send an e-mail reply with your confirmation of attendance and your choice of meal by the Saturday preceding the meeting data. 
  5. E-mails will be confirmed and, if you haven’t had a confirmation within three days, your e-mail has obviously been lost in the ether and you will need to phone the Group Leader on 965 793 220.
  6. The Meeting:
  7. Upon your arrival at the restaurant, please pay (in notes) and you will be given a slip of paper with your name and menu choice on it.  Please put this slip on the table in front of where you are sitting to help the waitress serve you (and also to remind you what you ordered!).

  8. Raffle:  Raffle tickets are 2€ each or a strip of 5 for 5€ and will be available as members pay for their meal on arrival at La Cocina.  The raffle proceeds, as in the past, will help to build up a kitty for our wine purchases.

  9. Water and bread will be provided during the tasting.
  10. There will normally be a selection of four wines, one bottle per table at a time, and you will all be able to see the labels and read the notes on each bottle. This will enable you to easily identify wines that you may wish to purchase at a later date.  Some extra information from the Internet or from the relevant bodega owner may be available in order to expand a little on the background of the wines whilst tasting them.
  11. Our hosts Cliff and Laurie at La Cocina will provide us with a freshly produced main course of your choice at around 14:00. Should you require extra wine or drinks for the meal, please pay for it when ordering.
  12. Late Cancellations: Members who have booked but cannot make the meeting due to last minute problems on the day, should ring La Cocina on 96 579 5140. Please have details of your menu choices available in order that La Cocina can cancel your meal.