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Our Jávea U3A gives us all an opportunity to enjoy our lives here in Spain through its many activities and groups. We are provided with both learning and social opportunities which we can share with like-minded people, forming many long-lasting friendships in the process. Unfortunately, getting older is part of the process too and we will all inevitably at some point lose loved ones and friends. The Jávea U3A has been referred to as an extended family network and we are fortunate that many of us are looked after and supported by our family members and friends at this time. Others may not be so fortunate. If a member has only recently arrived in Spain and is new to the Jávea U3A, or an existing member who, for one reason or another, has not really been involved in one or two groups, he or she may suddenly find themselves alone and isolated, in a country which may not be familiar to them.

Our aim is simple: to provide a point of contact during what is often a sad and difficult time. Whilst family members can be a tremendous support in the early stages, their help may not be so readily on hand as the months pass by. We hope that by providing a network of support through our Jávea U3A group leaders and members, we may be able to fill that gap.


Group leaders/members

Please let us know if you receive news of the passing of any of our Jávea U3A members.


The Care & Share Team

Guy Marriott Karen White

Contact us via email on care.share@u3ajavea.org.