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Nominated Charity

Each year the Jávea U3A Committee choose a local Jávea-based Charity to support during that year.

Our Nominated Charity for 2018 is Todos Juntos Jávea

Dedicated to help vulnerable families in Jávea,
the charity work closely with the Ayuntamiento in identifying deserving cases.


Charity Ball




Todos Juntos Jávea will once again have a stall on the Easter Market in Jávea.  As well as super Easter raffle, we will have a lucky dip for children.  We did this last year for the first time and it was so successful we would very much like to repeat it. 


If anyone has any soft toys or even simple toys which would go into a lucky dip and would be happy to donate them we at TJJ would be very grateful………..as would the children who love to rummage for a prize!

Please contact Marion Kenworthy 620 948 869 or email us

Our Nominated Charity for 2017 is "Make a Smile"

From Make a Smile:

"We have been working with the Emaus group for over 10 years and have built up a relationship with the children’s carers thus giving us the unique opportunity of spending our funds on the exact needs of the children without having to go through the group’s currently troubled administration.

The funds we raise are spent to supplement the homes' food budget which is currently nowhere near sufficient to provide a balanced diet for the children, on educational projects so we can help the children find work and lead a fulfilled life after they have to leave at 18 and also a myriad of other needs the carers deem necessary for the wellbeing of the youngsters. "


As 'Make A Smile' is our nominated charity for 2017 . . . .

The mentally challenged unit in Relleu has an occupational therapy room, so we have been asked to bring broken or unwanted fashion jewellery, craft items, and used greetings cards for the youngster’s projects. These items are used to make items which they sell in the craft shop.  They also collect coins (the dusty ones in little pots that sit on everyone’s dresser) to bank.  The money is converted into food, entertainment and necessities for the children's homes.
Please bring any of these items (in small plastic bags) to the Travel Desk at the Jávea U3A meetings. 


Many Thanks,


Joni Hills.


Here is some literature on how Make A Smile operate:

Make a Smile Brochure 2016

Make a Smile Relleu Farm

Make a Smile End of Year

The Ambulance section of Red Cross Jávea - Our Nominated Charity for 2016

Througout 2016, the Jávea U3A supported the Ambulance section of Red Cross Jávea.

Jávea U3A presented a cheque to its nominated charity for 2016/17, Red Cross Jávea, for €1,312.21 at the February General Meeting in the Parador Hotel.

Jávea U3A president Eric Atkins handed the cheque to Red Cross representatives Meike and Neus, who said they were delighted to receive the money and thanked members for their generosity.


Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels is a Charity supporting single parents in the Marina Alta area.

Please take a look at their website www.guardian-angels.es for more information.

They also need voluntary Mentors and Committee members. If anyone is interested in these worthwhile and rewarding positions please contact Irene Charlesworth or any Guardian Angels Committee member.


'HELP' of Denia   and   Marina Alta


HELP of Dénia and Marina Alta

HELP of Dénia and Marina Alta was our chosen charity for 2015.

Thank You from Help is a letter from Sue Lawson, the Secretary of Help of Dénia and Marina Altareceived 22nd April 2016.

Jávea is in the Marina Alta which means that anything that HELP has to offer is available to Jávea and anyone who lives there. Our headquarters are in La Xara which is not that far away from Jávea if approached from the Jesús Pobre road, however we do realise that some people are not able to make the journey so we have reached an agreement with Cancer Care that Jávea’s care coordinator Catherine Pérez Pinto will be in their Cancer Care boutique in Jávea Park every Wednesday morning between 10:30 and 12:30 and would welcome anyone who is either needing help or offering help. Catherine will be able to attend to your enquiries, problems and requests for help as well as pointing you in the right direction to get the correct help you need.

We, at HELP, are very grateful to Cancer Care for their kind offer of the use of their premises and we hope to improve even further the close relationship that the two organisations already enjoy.

There are so many ways in which Help can help you. Among the many requests we receive are transport to the doctor or to hospital appointments, interpreters, the loan of medical equipment, post hospital care, shopping, home visits, dog walking, clarification of hospital appointments and care in the home. After 30 years experience we are able to give advice on care agencies, nursing and residential homes, preparation for operations, medical organisations, funeral procedures and the donation of bodies to Alicante Hospital, among other things. All these things and more are available to people living in Jávea. Moreover we have a thriving Parkinson support group, a diabetes support group and a newly launched holistic practices group.

One of our main problems in HELP is identifying those people who are in need of help so you could be very useful in helping us with that. We look forward to meeting you and we are always on the lookout for new volunteers for HELP.

The telephone number of our office is 96 642 7044 and the care coordinator for Jávea, Catherine Pérez Pinto, can be contacted on 634 388 446. Help or advice is only a telephone call away and we would always welcome people from Jávea who would like to offer a little of their time helping their fellow residents.

For more information please go to helpofdenia.com or the Help DAMA Facebook page.

Children of EMAÚS

EMAÚS was the Jávea U3A nominated charity for 2014. This registered charitable association now has seven branches across the Costa Blanca area dealing with, and coordinating, problems concerning families, their children and their elderly relatives.

At present EMAÚS are running 9 children’s shelters, occupational workshops for the teenage children, a counselling service for families with problematic children, and a shelter for battered wives. The EMAÚS children's shelters house children who have no other home to go to, either because of an impossible family environment, or in some cases, because they have no family at all.

The children’s shelters have nearly 90 children living in them at the moment with an age group ranging from 2 to 18. Whilst EMAÚS, as a charity association, is funded with grants from the Generalitat of Valencia this, unfortunately, is never enough.

Each year they need to find over 30% more on top of this sum in the form of donations.

Children of Emaús


Thank you letter from Emaús to Jávea U3A


At the March General Meeting, the Jávea U3A made a presentation of a cheque to the Children of Emaús organisation representating monies collected by the Jávea U3A while the Children of Emaús was our nominated charity during 2014.


Below is a cpoy of a thank you letter received from the Children of Emaús organisation.


Emaús Thank You Letter.



We have supported this charity almost continuously over the last few years and we believe our efforts have made a difference.

From Cáritas - A Thank You

A Christmas Card "thank you" from Cáritas to the Jávea U3A. Received 26th November 2014.

Please support this very worthwhile charity for people in need. There are now so many people out of work and the assistance offered by the Spanish Government is limited. Every donation will be gratefully received.

As in the past, there will be a number of opportunities to donate food items to Cáritas at some of the Parador meetings. The dates for these collections will be advised in advance on the Web Site/Newsletter. Tins, dried goods and jars are all suitable but please ensure they are in-date and in an acceptable condition.

You can leave food items and other items, such as clothes, furniture etc. for this charity at the

Fisherman’s Church in the Port, Caritas Nuestra Sra. De Loreto, Calle Pio X11 9, Aduanas del Mar,
96 646 1824.

They are open on a Monday from 18:00-19:30 hours. They suggest you bring tins of tuna, biscuits, cola cao and quesitos. You can also donate food and clothes in the Old Town – Cáritas de la Parroque de San Bartolome de Javea. They are open from 16:00-17:00 hours on a Monday.

The address is Carrer Llotgeta – in the little road next to Casa del Cultura.


Cáritas will take your unwanted  towels, bed linen, clothes, crockery, cutlery, any household goods, food etc. You can deliver the items  on a Tuesday morning (except holidays)  from 9:00 to 11:00 at Avenida de Alicante, 14 (next to the Red Cross) in the Old Town.




All monies raised are donated to hospitals (equipment), research, patient care, and individuals, together with other cancer-related organisations. As part of a research project called ECMOR, the charity have already purchased the latest machine that researches and individualises cancer diagnosis and treatment for each patient. This machine is to be placed in the oncology section at Dénia Hospital.

A Thank You Letter from Cancer Care Jávea

Below is a letter from Cancer Care Jávea thanking the Jávea U3A for their support and donations during 2012. While this charity was our nominated charity for 2012, we collected €5,174 as well as donating items for sale in their shop.

Letter from Cancer Care Jávea


Cancer Care. This is an excellent document giving the background and history to Cancer Care, as well as its objectives.

It is a bit big so may not be practical for those with dial-up access. However, you could visit Cancer Care's own web site which contains lots of interesting information on their organisation in a very easy to use format.

Cancer Care Charity Centre web site.


Cancer Care Jávea - Donation Day

Please remember that the next Donation Day for our designated Charity, Cancer Care Javea, is at the Parador meeting on Wednesday 27th June. Please carry on donating clothes, household goods and any other suitable items which are saleable.  However, we would ask that large and heavy items are taken straight to the shop as they will be difficult to transport  from the Parador on the actual day.


This is a cancer support charity.

Wanted: Volunteer Drivers


From John Price, who has the following request:


"I am the driver coordinator for MABS getting patients to hospital (Dénia, Benidorm, Alzira mostly) for cancer treatments. Sometimes they may last 10 minutes for a quick zap or sometimes a little longer. Expenses are, of course, paid to the drivers for the use of their car.


Do you know of anyone who might want to help out in this extremely worthwhile role? Their commitment can be as much or as little as they want.


I am struggling with numbers of drivers currently and have nearly each weekday in October to fill currently.


Please call me on 634 303 271 or email me on pricey-john@hotmail.com if you have anyone who can help out.


Many thanks."

John Price

Added Oct 2016.


Some of you may know that MABS obtained a van last year, basically for the movement of medical equipment such as beds, hoists, chairs etc. for cancer patients to & from their homes.
In the time that the van is not being used for this purpose, we also pick up saleable items, which have been donated by the public for sale in the MABS shops (any items from inside & outside homes). This is, of course, a free service.
We also deliver larger items that have been purchased in the shop to the homes of the buyers, sometimes at a charge.
If you have any items you would like to donate, then you can contact: John Price either by email on
pricey-john@hotmail.com or by phone on 669 552 978, to arrange collection.

We realise that you may well have your own favourite charities but offer this service only as an alternative.


A Thank You Letter from MABS

A Thank You letter from MABS to all those who have helped.


The MABS Organisation

Read about the interesting history and Organisation of MAB.


Xabia Bella

Xabia Bella is a charity which Jávea U3A has supported over the last couple of years. This organisation now has a magazine called Pasos ( meaning steps) which contains a whole page feature on the Jávea U3A, recognising our efforts to raise money for Xabia Bella. Below is a translation of the article although with the original spanish text.

English Translation


Original Spanish Text


Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue is a band of Jávea U3A members who came together last year to raise funds for charity. Thanks to peoples’ support, they have raised close to € 1,750 for Cancer Care Jávea, as well as raising money for other worthy causes such as Apasa and the Bomberos.

They have also played at garden parties for Jávea U3A members.

The band members are (left to right): Phillip Shepherd, Jean Shepherd, Ian Mackenzie and Howard Parker.


Bomberos Voluntarios

In December 2013, the Jávea U3A presented the Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Firefighters) with a cheque to help with their losses fighting a severe forest fire in October 2013.

Full report and photos