Jávea U3A


The President's Report (August 2014)

Although we are still in the midst of our summer break, the News Feed on the website is still being updated whenever new information becomes available.

Clive White is doing an excellent job of maintaining the website so it is always current; in my opinion a much better situation than when a newsletter, that was redundant before it was printed, was the only update we had. So in the spirit of keeping up with the times I thought it best to continue to present a President’s Monthly Report even though there is no newsletter.

Whilst as an organisation we are “resting” committee members and many group leaders are still working on behalf of the Jávea U3A. The long process of putting together a Policies and Procedures Manual is being moved forward with Clive White having researched and created a prototype Document Store and written a couple of “user guides” describing how to access and use it. Once this prototype has been tested and is found to be effective we will have an interactive repository for the documents and can start putting things on paper; electronically of course! A big step forward.

At our June meeting, we were very fortunate to have Hazel White who works at one of the local Emaus children’s homes give us a brief, factual and often moving presentation about Emaus and what that organisation does locally. At the close of the meeting a collection was taken to which many of the members present made donations. A total of  €229.66 was collected.

At the May meeting Pat Robinson told us that having done the job for 5 years she would like to stop running the DVD and book swap desk in September. Judging by the seething mass of humanity that normally surrounds the desks they are a very popular part of our monthly meetings. We only have eight meetings a year that involve the desk and as all the books and DVDs are stored at The Parador there is no heavy lifting involved.  If you would like to take over this job or need more information please speak to Pat or myself. It would be a great shame if lack of willingness to become involved were to see the September meeting as the last one where the DVD and book swap is held so my plan is that if there are some members who would be prepared to help out but are not able to commit to doing all eight we could establish a rota. All we need now is ten or so volunteers who are willing to manage the desk once a year. Surely there must be ten members who are willing to help out, especially those who will be attending the meeting anyway. If you are able to take over from Pat on a full time basis or are willing to do this task once a year please let me know (at president@u3ajavea.org)

After 5 years of running the very successful Quiz Night group, Jeni and Stan Oldfield have decided to stand down as Group Leaders. They will do one more event in October and are hopeful that someone will come forward to carry on their excellent work.

This is another Jávea U3A activity which we do not necessarily need one person to organise. If no one person feels that they can commit to creating and running quiz nights on a regular basis this is another activity that lends itself perfectly to “jobshare”.  It would be a real shame if this very popular activity were to cease because it is deemed to be too great a commitment so I am happy to organise the evenings and to have a bash at putting a quiz together once in a while but cannot commit to setting the questions on a regular basis. If you feel you have it in you to prepare and present the questions and do the scoring on an ad hoc basis, even if it is only once, please let me know by email at president@u3ajavea.org  Or better still if you would like to take on the organising of the quiz nights as Group Leader please contact David Grove groups.coordinator@u3ajavea.org

Unfortunately Gwen Clarke is unable to continue in the role of Cultural Arts Coordinator and we have had no volunteers to replace her so at the next meeting of the Executive committee we will be forced to decide whether or not to discontinue providing this service to the membership. In the meantime if anyone would like to take on this interesting job and would like to know more about what is involved please contact David Grove on groups.coordinator@u3ajavea.org.


Social Events: Barn Dance.

Always very popular, our annual Barn Dance will take place on Friday 14th November at Los Arcos. I have managed to keep ticket prices the same as last year at €25 each and includes a three course meal, with a half bottle of wine, and music provided by the excellent Los Rancheros. Tickets can be ordered using the ticketline at tickets@u3ajavea.org.


Volunteers needed to teach English to unemployed Spanish people. Run by Creama, these classes are fun, rewarding to teach and have proved very helpful to Spanish people seeking employment. It also helps you to improve your Spanish and integrate more with the Spanish community. Why not join the voluntary English Teaching Group based in Jávea. There are vacancies for English teachers and assistants and also for conversation class assistants. No experience is necessary however some knowledge of the Spanish language and/or English teaching experience would be an advantage.

The courses will run from September 2014 to April 2015. I know we have at least five of our members who are already involved, including  Pam Coombe and my wife Jo. If you want to know what is involved I am sure they can let you know.


Finally, the Jávea U3A is a self-help organisation that relies on members to maintain and manage the activity groups. Without members to lead the groups they will cease to exist. I have asked for help in running two activities (the Quiz and the DVD swap) and offered solutions as to how members can become involved with the minimum of commitment. It would be a real shame if those, and other, activities were to cease due to members willing to take but unwilling to give.

Well that is the end of my bit for August, hope you found it interesting and that you all manage to find somewhere to hide from the sun.

Stephen Burke