Jávea U3A


The President's Report (February 2015)

I am delighted that we have managed to secure ABBA ELITE to entertain us at our 10th Anniversary Ball on 5th June. Unfortunately due to only being able to recently confirm this arrangement, tickets have not yet been printed so we will be unable to either sell or issue pre-ordered tickets for the June Ball at this months Parador meeting, as had been intended. You can of course still order tickets via tickets@u3ajavea.org.

Abba Elite is the live tribute to the world’s favourite pop group that continues to entertain and amaze audiences from every generation by recreating and performing all of those classic hits. It is a truly amazing show. The live musical arrangement, flawless 4 part harmonies, dynamic stage costumes and breathtaking choreography combine to provide a spectacle that is considered by audiences as "one of the most entertaining and convincing live shows to be seen." Further information about the ball can be found at Special Events

Efficient communications are vital to the successful operation of any organisation and I am pleased to advise of initiatives your committee believes will in conjunction with the wonderfully informative website we already enjoy, enhance our internal communications. Henceforth when there is any important information that needs to be circulated, our Communications Officer will send an email to our members informing of such, outlining the subject matter and providing a link to the page on the website containing the relevant information. Secondly, as it was a stated objective of this committee to utilise Facebook as a method of internal communication for Jávea U3A, we have set up a Facebook group that members can join. It is a secure, closed group where membership has to be applied for and accepted and only group members can make and read postings. We do appreciate that not everyone wants to be involved in Facebook but for those that do or are already, it is only fair that we at least try out a means of  communication that so many other U3A associations, and indeed the parent organisation itself, already embrace.

For the Facebook group to be effective will take time and needs a certain level of membership. It is envisaged that the U3A Javea group can become an important and very useful means of communication for Group Leaders, The Committee and the membership in general; especially given the interactive nature of the media. There will in time be an article posted on the website explaining more about the benefits of our facebook group, how it is intended to work and how to participate. However until then we need to build a critical mass and are looking for members to join.

To join the group is very simple:

In the search bar at the top of your own facebook page type in U3A Javea and press return or click on the Jávea U3A icon.


This will take you to the U3A Javea group page, where you will see a green button that says +Join Group.

Click on the green +Join Group button which signifies to the administrator that you want to join.


Your application will be checked to ensure that you are indeed a member of Jávea U3A and once accepted you are in business.

Lastly, the Communications Officer will, on the days of our General Assembly, project the website NewsFEED onto a screen in the main hall and place a pinboard in the antesala with a copy of the NewsFEED on it, both of which can be read prior to the meeting. We are hoping to have this in place for the coming meeting however that will be dependent upon being able to master the necessary technology.

Last month was our Open Day and huge thanks for their hard work in making it a success go to all the Group Leaders who were there and in particular our Groups Co-ordinator David Grove. Thanks are also due to our Membership Secretary Howard Parker and his team of volunteers who made the membership renewals process so efficient and effective. In January 990 members renewed their membership, 22 rejoined and we had 98 new members. This means that we currently have 1110 members and there are still 455 yet to renew. At the February meeting there will be two renewal and one “new members” desks.

It is important to renew your membership in February, if you have not already done so, as until you do you will not be able to benefit from discounts offered to our Association by a large variety of companies. Additionally anyone who has not renewed their membership by the end of February will cease to be a member and will have to pay a fee of €10 should they wish to rejoin. Details of how to renew are on the website at How To Join/Renew.

By now all members should have received an email detailing voting procedures for our AGM.
You will be able to vote by e-mail from 1st March 2015 until 18:00 on 24th March 2015, or in person at the General Assembly on Wednesday 25th February 2015 and at the AGM on Wednesday 25th March 2015.

The Nominations List for candidates has closed and those standing for election to the Executive Committee are:

Stephen Burke – President
Valerie Dromgoole – Secretary
Mick Cox – Treasurer
Howard Parker – Membership Secretary
David Grove – Groups Co-ordinator
David Woodhall – Communications Officer

In addition to electing your committee you are asked to vote to approve the Audited Accounts for 2014.

It is disappointing that other than the existing committee members, not one member of Jávea U3A feels that contributing to our association by joining the Executive Committee is worthwhile. Your committee does great work, mostly unseen and generally unappreciated but it seems that the overwhelming majority of members are content knowing that someone else is handling all the work while they enjoy the benefits of membership. Also it is sad that there are those who are quite happy to complain about and seek to change committee decisions yet are unwilling to become part of the decision making process.

We will start the next term without an elected Vice President which will adversely affect the efficient management of the association and place a greater burden on those committee members who have to take on additional workload. Constitutionally it is not a problem, as a member can be co-opted to fill this vacancy, however the difficulty will be that it is unlikely anyone will offer their services. I would however be delighted to be proved wrong.

Our next meeting is at The Parador Hotel Jávea on Wednesday 25th February starting at 11:00. Howard Parker will be entertaining us with a talk entitled From Small Beginnings: My Life in Model Making which I am sure will be both riveting and entertaining.

Best wishes
Stephen Burke