Jávea U3A


The President's Report (March 2016)

At our last meeting Candy Wright who is President of Help DAMA, our chosen charity for 2015, collected a cheque in the amount of €2215 that represented the money raised for our chosen charity, principally during social events, throughout last year. Candy also took time to bring us up to date with the recent and proposed activities of Help DAMA.

The next meeting is our AGM when your outgoing Executive Committee will present their annual reports. At the AGM the membership will elect the members of the new Executive Committee and vote on any proposals put forward to the meeting, one of which will be to reduce the membership fees to five euros per person from January 2017. Another will of course be to accept the audited accounts for last year 2015. Which are available for inspection on the website. If any member has a question regarding the annual accounts please address them directly to the Treasurer by email, treasurer@u3ajavea.org  prior to the AGM.

As most of you are aware with our current Membership Secretary, Howard Parker, withdrawing his candidacy immediately after the February general meeting, only one of the current Executive Committee is standing for re-election. Additionally three of the five full committee members have decided that they no longer wish to remain in their current posts. Currently there is one candidate for each of the positions on the Executive Committee, with Sheila Giacomelli having been nominated as Membership Secretary so election will be by a show of hands at the AGM. Candidates for the next Executive Committee are listed on the website.

The AGM will commence at 11:00 with entry restricted to current members only. Please be aware that there will be a registration desk where members will be required to show their valid membership card for the current year. Entry to the meeting will be denied anyone who does not produce their valid membership card.
As usual, prior to the meeting the book swap, DVD swap and travel group tables will be operating and members will be able to purchase or collect tickets for this years May Ball.

Reflecting on the year now ending, your committee has managed to achieve all of the objectives set 12 months ago, that were within our control, and certainly those of most import. Committee members, group leaders and many others have contributed to providing an infrastructure and a diverse range of activities, events and services that are available to and enjoyed by our membership over previous years. I am sure all that good work will continue to ensure the coming year will be no different.

I look forward to seeing many of you at the AGM and to us all enjoying the benefits of membership of Jávea U3A over the coming year and please remember that at the March AGM meeting we will be collecting food for Cáritas, so please be generous and bring along as many food items that are within their use by date as you can.

Stephen Burke