Jávea U3A


The President's Report (April 2017)

A new Jávea U3A year begins.

On behalf of the Executive Committee I would like to thank all those who voted electronically and the members who voted at the Annual General Meeting on 29th March.

A total of 166 Members voted out of the membership of 1300 or so. I have assumed, by the absence of protests in the hall, and the absence of demonstrations outside that the silent majority are happy with the conduct of affairs during the last year.

We, your Committee, feel that we enter upon this new year stronger and more united than a year ago. I would like to thank the entire Committee, Executive and Non-Executive, for all their hard work in the past year.

I am really looking forward to Peter Atkinson's talk at our Meeting on 26th April entitled “Entente Cordiale - One thousand years of Anglo-French relations from 1066 to 2017".
Peter was responsible for a piece of Jávea U3A history recently when he gave his talk on “Moors and Christians” to the “History Group --- The 100th such presentation.

Coming up, we can look forward to the May Ball --- if you have not already booked I commend you to do so - it promises to be a really good do.
Also, a Hog Roast at Quo Vadis on 6th July. Both events organised by Events Organiser Shirley King. Thank you, Shirley!

The Sunset Cruise in June organised by Joni Hills should be fun and then Angela Chantry & Tony Dearie have two special events arranged – a river cruise on the Guadalquivir and a visit to hear the Dire Straits tribute Band in September.

I do recommend you all to read the Minutes of the March Meeting which are produced in such an entertaining fashion by our Secretary Roy Brown.

This leads me to thank our Webmaster, Clive White, and his deputy, John Wilde, for the excellence of our website which is kept so current.

I hope to see a really strong turnout at the April Meeting. Peter’s talk is not to be missed.

Eric Atkins