Jávea U3A


The President's Report (January 2017)

A new year: Brexit, President Trump, Jeremy Corbyn. But are we downhearted? “NO” - because we live in Jávea and we see blue skies, the Mediterranean and wine for €1.50 a glass …. and we have the Jávea U3A.

Wonderful New Year´s Eve (Hogmany) Party at the Javea Players’ Studio, organised and run by Angela Chantry and Tony Dearie.

We look forward to seeing many of you renewing your membership on Wednesday 25th January at the Jávea Parador. At this meeting, many of the group leaders are present explaining their activities and enrolling new participants.

This is a golden opportunity to volunteer your services to the group leaders. The Travel Group, in particular, would welcome additional assistance.

Karen White, our Groups Co-ordinator, will be in attendance and would be really happy to hear of ideas for new groups. Whatever your hobby or interest - be it cycling, embroidery, archery or Andean pipe playing - we would love you to start a group. The Jávea U3A offers assistance with equipment and certain other start-up costs, so please consider contributing to our organisation.

Starting from Monday 23rd January at 18:00, we have the elections for the Executive Committee. As I said in my December report, it seems that there is no competition for the seven positions and the existing Committee Members are standing again. Your vote, although only a vote of confidence, will be much appreciated.

So, here we are, ready for another year of fun and frolic with a smattering of intellectual activity ….

I look forward to your company!

Eric Atkins