Jávea U3A


The President's Report (November 2017)

What a wonderful November we are having . . blue skies, warm days, although a little cool in the evening and overnight.

The Jávea U3A is operating on all cylinders and once again I have to thank all our Group Leaders and their helpers for the great work that they do.

I have to mention the terrific Halloween Ball organised by Shirley King and husband Richard with lots of help from other volunteers. It was truly scary and how wonderful that pretty well all  those present were dressed up. Many of the skeletons and masks rendered the wearer unrecognisable.

The third stage of the Camino de Santiago walks was organised once again by Charo Brown. On the second stage at El Verger, the Group was greeted by the Mayor and given a bag of goodies. All followed by a meal in a local restaurant and consumption of Asturian Cider.

On Sunday 19th November, a coachload went to Ondara for A Night in Vegas. A rollicking time was had by all listening to Neil Diamond, Tom Jones and a tremendous Elvis. Thank you Angela and Tony.

The November Meeting is the last chance to submit nominations for the Executive Committee. So if you would like to stand, please hand in your Nomination Form to the Election Auditor, who will be in the foyer. See Executive Committee Elections.

At this Meeting, we will making our last collection for Cáritas. Let's make it a good one, so please be generous. It'll soon be Christmas, afterall. Also, we are looking for items for the children of Make a Smile, see details on the WebSite. For both these worthy causes, donations will be collected in the foyer.

And now to the Extravaganza. We have a great  show this year with a number of acts performed by our Members. Presided over by Shirley King, rehearsals proceed apace.
And don’t forget the added attraction of liberal quantities of sherry and mince pies.

See you all there!!

Eric Atkins