Jávea U3A


The President's Report for August 2018

How are you coping with the heat?  Well?

The intrepid Spanish Culture and Cuisine travellers seemed to cope OK, didn’t they?  While looking at the Facebook reports, the refrain of Noel Coward’s ‘Mad Dogs and Englishmen’ kept running through my head.  The next trip is Charo Brown’s to Asturias, it should be cooler up there. 

This all goes to point out that, although the Jávea U3A is on ‘holiday’, the show still goes on.  Many of the groups are still running through the Summer and the Committee is still doing bits and bobs.

My bits and bobs are recovering slowly.  The worst thing about breaking a hip and having a cast on an arm is looking at the pool and being unable to get into it!  The best part is having so many friends and family running around after me!!  It is truly humbling to find how many people are willing to help; whether it is to stay overnight and help me shower or to get shopping and keep me company for a while or bring me ready prepared meals and wash up!!  My daughter-in-law stayed for two weeks, then my part-time neighbour flew back from Holland to stay with me for 10 days, now I have a succession of Jávea U3A members to stay, take me in the pool, help with my physio etc. etc.  Can I thank them enough………NO!!  Not even close!!   What can you do for these selfless people?  Suggestions would be welcome.

Enough about me, I am obviously stir crazy!  Continue to enjoy the lovely sunshine but take care out there.

Val Dromgoole