Jávea U3A


The President's Report for June 2018

Picture this:

I am sitting here at my keyboard, having been asked by our Communications Officer for a report of some kind, wrapped in a damp towel, sipping a glass of wine (more later about the wine) and pondering on the last month.

Some weeks ago I went on one of Charo’s camino trips (I do not walk) and we visited a winery called Piqueras in Almansa.  I bought 4 x 3-litre boxes of wine, it is delicious.  Unfortunately my visitor seems to have drunk most of it (honest!), so if you happen to see it in any of the local bodegas give me a shout.

I took my visitor to Cartagena for a two night visit.  Well worth it.  We stayed in a hotel just around the corner from the main shopping street.  We had been told by Shirley King to watch out for a certain shoe shop, she didn’t know the name but it had shoes in every style and colour.  We found it, Shirley, thank you!!

There is a lot more to Cartagena than shops though.  We wandered down to the harbour and amused ourselves the first afternoon watching the cruise ship travellers scurrying back to the ship.  We then walked around the wall, which was built to prevent the sea flooding the town, to the Panoramic Lift.  The lift cost €2, pensioner’s rate, and goes up the side of a cliff to a lovely garden walk that carries on up to the castle museum.  The going is easy, even I could do it!!  Nearby is the Roman Ampitheatre, but we never did find the entrance. 

We did, however, find the entrance to the Roman Theatre Museum.  This is so well laid out that you don’t realise how high you are until you come out into the Theatre itself.  Almost complete and you can, should you wish, walk everywhere.  There is also a villa complex where, again, you can walk anywhere.

Back to Jávea and I went to the Summer Ball.  There were fewer of us than last year but we had a great time dancing (yes, including me) to the OK Band.  They only took their expenses and donated the rest of their fee to our charity, Todos Juntos Jávea.  Shirley King still has to finish the accounts but it looks as if, with the band’s donation and the income from the Tombola we will be donating somewhere around €1000 to the charity.

Now I am looking forward to the Fiesta of St. John the Baptist and the flower parade on Friday, then the fire jumping on Saturday.  But before that is the trip to Tabarca Island.

Am I looking forward to the Summer break……..YES!!

Have a good time,

Val Dromgoole