Jávea U3A


The President's Report (January 2019)

Hello Everybody,

HAPPY 2019!

Now that I have said that, there is very little else to tell you.

The January meeting at the Parador on the 30th January from 10 am is the Open Meeting.

This means that you come along to the Parador. NOT BEFORE 10AM, and renew your membership fees for 2019.

At the same time you can meet the Group Leaders, who so willingly give their time to organising your activities. The only reward they get is that we take them out for lunch once a year.

On the 1st February the voting will open for the Executive Committee members for the year from April 2019 until March 2020. This is an on-line facility which is quite easy to use and I hope you will ALL vote. Usually only 10% of the membership votes and this is really not good enough. This year you will have a choice of Presidents, so your vote will really count.  Currently the candidates are:-

      President                               Val Dromgoole and John Morgan

      Vice President                        Peter Allin

      Treasurer                               Michael Cox

      Secretary                               Vacant and needs someone to volunteer

      Group Coordinator                  David McClure-Whybrow

      Membership Secretary            Stan Staines

      Communications Officer         Ian Rogerson

As you can see we have a vacancy for the very important job of Secretary. Roy Brown resigned from the post in December, having served for 3 years.

I would like to see more members come forward to help run the U3A Javea.  I joined Jávea U3A in January 2010 and have served on the Committee in one form or another ever since.  It is quite rewarding and if I am out-voted I am not sure what I will do with all the spare time it will give me.  Join more groups I guess, I will be able to spend more time building my family tree, travelling via everybody’s tales, perhaps learning to paint!  Who knows?  I could even start a new group!

Have a great year and see you at the Parador…..but not twirly!!

Val Dromgoole