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General Meetings

Apart from January, July and August, and December, the Jávea U3A holds a General Meeting every month. These are currently held at the Parador Hotel, Jávea on the last Wednesday of the month.

All Jávea U3A members are welcome to attend. Please note that these meetings are restricted to members only. Regrettably, lack of space does not permit the attendance of friends or guests.


The General Meeting is in two parts:

The "pre-meeting" portion (between 10:00 and 10:50) enables members to meet the Committee and Group Leaders, as well as visit the desks of the Travel, Membership, Book Swap, DVD Swap and others.

The Book Swap and DVD Swap desks, as well as the Membership Desk, are currently located in the Downstairs Foyer (leading to the Main Hall).

The Travel Desks and others are located in the Main Hall.

All these desks (except the Membership Desk) will close at 10:50 in preparation for the meeting proper.


Please note: the Membership Desks (for joining or renewing) are open from 09:30 - 10:30.


They will close promptly at 10:30.


See Membership for more information regarding joining the Jávea U3A or renewing your membership.


The "sitdown" portion of the meeting takes place in the Main Hall and starts promptly at 11:00. It lasts for about 1 hour.

It begins with the President's report and reports from other Executive Committee members where needed.

The second half of the "sitdown" portion is normally a presentation by a guest speaker. See below for the schedule of guest speakers and their topics.

If any member requires an item to be added to the General Meeting agenda, please send a request, with a brief description, to the Secretary at secretary@u3ajavea.org. Please send this at least two weeks before the meeting. 


Cáritas Collections. We will collect food for this charity at the March, June and November General Meetings. See Cáritas for information.


In January there is normally an Open Meeting. There is no "sitdown" portion or guest speaker.

The primary purpose of this meeting is to allow members to renew their Jávea U3A Membership. There will be a bank of tables manned by volunteers to collect subscriptions and hand out new membership cards.

In addition, the Main Hall will be lined with Group tables, displaying the output from many of those groups. This is an opportunity for members to talk to Group Leaders about their groups

The January Open Meeting normally starts at 09:30 until 12:00.


General Meetings Minutes

Each meeting is minuted and the minutes published on the web for subsequent agreement at the next meeting.

Copies of the minutes of recent monthly meetings are available below. They are all in PDF format.

Click on the document icon to view.

AGM Minutes Mar 2018 Meeting Minutes Feb 2018
Meeting Minutes Oct 2017 Meeting Minutes Sept 2017
Meeting Minutes June 2017 Meeting Minutes May 2017
Meeting Minutes Apr 2017 AGM Minutes Mar 2017
Meeting Minutes Feb 2017 Meeting Minutes Oct 2016
Meeting Minutes Sept 2016 Meeting Minutes June 2016
Meeting Minutes May 2016 Meeting Minutes April 2016

To view the minutes from previous General Meetings, please click here.

Future Guest Speakers at the General Meetings


25th April

This month's guest speaker is Jana Petkin, a local author and multi award winning best seller of historical fiction.

Jana has been in the Royal Navy, been a Travel representative, a body guard for a Saudi Princess and a cabin crew for British Airways. She has written a number of books and now lives in Dénia.

See https://janapetkenauthor.com/.


30th May

Our member Gary Johnson will speak on a Spanish spy, recruited by the Germans in WW2, who became a British double-agent.


27th June

Lorraine Bellami will speak on her career as a BOAC/BA stewardess and take us “behind the scenes”.


26th September

Our member Sam Laird will speak on his career as a trade negotiator – see https://www.ictsd.org/about-us/sam-laird – might be very relevant by next autumn with Brexit looming...


31st October

Our member Peter Atkinson will speak on a subject yet to be determined.


28th November

The Extravaganza.


Reading Lists from previous presentations.

Photos from previous General Meetings

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A few photos from the Open Meeting in January 2013.
The Christmas Extravaganza November 2012 (Viva España etc.).
A few photos from Dawn Perrier Baker's talk on the excavation of the Mary Rose (April 2012).
A few photos from the March 2012 Annual General Meeting.
The Christmas Extravaganza November 2011 (Twelve Days of Christmas etc.).
Look here to see the words of the Jávea U3A Song as sung at the November 2011 meeting.
A few photos from the October 2011 General Meeting.