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Attendance Allowance

Lorna Ainsworth has very thoughtfully obtained the correct and up to date information for anyone UK citizens living here, who may be faced with the difficult situation of caring for their partner/friend who have become physically or mentally  disabled or are terminally ill.    [Information received 31st July 2014].

If you, or someone you know are in this situation, you may not be aware that you may be eligible for the  Attendance Allowance (AA). If you are in receipt of full UK Pension, over 65 years old and  resident in Spain then you are eligible to apply for Attendance Allowance in order to meet the care needs.

To summarise, you qualify 

  • If the AA claim is for your disability is severe enough for you to need help caring for yourself or someone to supervise you, for your own or someone else’s safety.
  • Someone who is terminally ill, special rules apply that make it simpler to claim AA. These special rules ensure that the claim is dealt with quickly.
  • Benefit may be claimed by carer.
  • This payment is tax free and not means tested.


The official source of  information is:


You will  need to contact the Exportability Team re your  claim from abroad.They are also willing to answer any questions you may have  and will send you the necessary forms by email.

The Exportability Team email address is exportability.team@dwp.gsi.gov.uk. Their postal address is

Exportability Team Room C216 
Pension, Disability and Carers Service 
Warbreck House 
Warbreck Hill Road 


We hope that this information is useful to you, or to someone you know who is in this situation.  Please direct any enquiries to the contact given above.