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Beware of Risks and Scams




From one of our members:

“I missed a call to my mobile and later when I returned the call, a woman said, in Spanish, that she was with a firm of lawyers whose client claimed that I had failed to pay invoices for the supply of gas to my property and that I should pay now. I sensed a scam straightaway, the clue being that my property is all electric! The conversation ended inconclusively.
Later that morning I discovered two text messages from the same source. One asked that I telephone urgently a landline number during office hours quoting a reference number. The other, sent at the same time, gave the company name, fax number, bank account number and included a demand for €292,99. I replied by text asking that they name the person that they wished to contact on my number and saying that I thought they had called a wrong number. They have not bothered me since. My tax administrator has advised me not to bother reporting this to the Guardia Civil for now but to do so if these people contact me again. I do plan to offer this information to the Costa Blanca News and EuroWeekly News for them to use or not use as they may choose.

(Added 12/05/2014)



Criminals can now 'mimic' a phone number. That means that they may be calling you from (say) 01234 5678 but they can make a different number appear on the screen of your device (either mobile phone or fixed phone). So the incoming call may show your Bank's number or your Credit Card Company's number. So you really do think that you are speaking to a legitimate caller.

So........as always.......don't give out ANY information if you don't PERSONALLY know the person calling you. Hang up and call the number that you KNOW is correct.

But that's not the end of it !!! There was another SCAM where you received a call asking you to call them back in order to verify that the incoming call was genuine. BUT if the person who called you does not disconnect the call AT THEIR END......... then you are still connected to them.......even if you think you've hung up. If you try to ring their number..........nothing happens (although you think you've dialled them) because they didn't disconnect the original call.

So............you are still speaking to the same person (but probably a different voice).

The best way..........use a different phone........i.e.....use your mobile if the first call was to your 'fixed' number............OR..........use your 'fixed' phone if the first call was to your mobile. See the original article....................

(Added 08/03/2014)




“We received a telephone call this morning at 08:45 (early for us) from an African sounding man. He claimed that he knew that my computer had downloaded a serious virus which would cause my computer to fail unless the problem was fixed this morning. He then asked me to log onto my computer so that he could talk me through the procedures necessary to delete the virus (he also mentioned other malaware problems).

I asked him where was calling from and he said that he was with the Bank of Scotland who were authorised by Microsoft to contact computer owners and deal with their software problems.
I then said goodbye to him - suggest you do the same if he calls you.”

(Added 19/02/2014)



This is some sort of scam. The example below is using PayPal, but it could be done via any well know business.
Here is an email from the person who received this scam.

“Following talk, I today got a scam and I have attached a photo of it ( it is safe!) to advise your members as you wish. It looks like a normal Pay Pal account but if you click on sender you will see that the address has an additional "e" so is false -- we contacted Pay Pal who confirmed this.

Do not know what would have happened if I had used it! but the crooks are out to part us from our cash!”

(Added 05/12/2013)



We have been informed by a Teulada resident to be on guard against folk coming to the door trying to sell cologne.

Apparently there is a group of Romanians going round the doors trying to sell cologne ....

they go to demonstrate it
but then spray it in your face, which renders you immobile
and they then rob your house.

The car is an Audi reg 5931 CGR.

(Added 24/11/2013)



"A few days ago my mobile rang just once at 6 am when I was asleep. I quickly reached for the same but being sleepy and not recognising the number, declined to call back as I would have done normally.
This proved to be a good move as when I looked up the number’s country code, I got rather suspicious. The number started with 22177……….. I then checked the number on the internet and found that if I had called back, that my curiosity would have cost me an exorbitant ammount of money.”




One of our members was unfortunately subject to the following scam:

“We were in Mercadona, by the cans of beers, when this woman and partner came up so close to us and asked which beers were the best, making sure she had our attention. We don’t drink beer but pointed to the ones our friends prefer and she picked packs up to ask about them.

I saw her partner walk away as she continued for a little longer, then we moved on. I saw her partner by the freezers, she was in the aisle towards the fruit and veg but she hadn’t any shopping at all. I did notice she hadn’t bought any cans of beer, but never gave any of this any thought until we got back and my husband noticed the bottom pocket of his shorts was open and wallet gone.

So we all have to be so aware of anyone who needs info or help, sad as that is, especially in supermarkets.”



Some of you may have seen this warning sent out by the ISVH, but if not, take heed.

“Just witnessed a theft from boot of a car in Aldi's carpark. 3 men in large black saloon car driving around carpark, a customer put his shopping bags in his boot of car, whilst returning trolley 2 guys jumped out of saloon car opened boot & nicked shopping! Customer fault, yes, for not locking his car but just to warn people be on your guard & LOCK your car whilst un-attended!!!

Luckily number plate was noted & police were called!”



Date and time: 14:00 on 19 January 2013 Place: Car rental area, Alicante Airport.

A couple on arriving by air at the airport after completing all the paperwork went to collect their vehicle. After loading their luggage into the car they noticed a number of scratches on the side of the car. These were not mentioned as damage on the papers for the vehicle. They left their luggage with personal documents in the locked car.

On returning with car hire staff. they discovered that the car had been entered and all that they had left in the car including passports and Driving Licences had been stolen. Whilst they were there it was discovered that another traveller had just suffered the same fate.

Advice: Never leave valuables or documents in a car even if it is locked at Alicante Airport. Please warn all people using the airport about this.

(Added 21/01/2013)



There have recently been people in the area, collecting door to door, for the Red Cross. The Red Cross in Alicante have been contacted. They confirmed that they NEVER collect door to door, or visit without an invitation. If someone calls at your door claiming to be collecting for the Red Cross, send them away, and phone the police.

(18 Nov 2012)



The modus operandi is as follows : in the parking lot of a supermarket, shopping centre and occasionally on any street, one of the individuals approaches the victim (usually a woman), showing a map of the locality through the window and asking for directions at some point (a pharmacy, health centre, etc). While the victim is distracted, his accomplice opens the victim’s car door, and takes her handbag.

Usually the victim never sees the second man. The most common time is usually between 11:00 and 14:00 hours.
A good idea is to keep your bag in the boot of the car, or behind the driver’s seat.



A member of another U3A in the area has been robbed of a substantial amount of money in Jalon Mas y Mas car park. A young girl, who appeared to be Spanish, asked the gentleman to sign a petition. He said he was not interested but she persisted and followed him back to his car. To get rid of her he said he would sign and she asked him to show her some identification.

He took out his wallet and showed her his driving licence and put his wallet back into his pocket. When he returned to Mas y Mas and opened his wallet 300 euros had gone – (he had just been to the bank). He does not know how she managed to take the money out of his wallet without him knowing or feeling anything. There is another report of a gentleman being approached in the Market Square in Jalon on the same day but fortunately he refused.

The young girl was about 5 feet tall. If you see a young girl of this description asking people to sign a petition please report it to the police straight away as he has reported the incident to them.
This also happened to a member of the Jávea U3A on a Travel Group day trip to Orihuela.



These have appeared again at the Costa Blanca.
“Scout” groups explore potential tarjets and mark them with the signs below.
Later on the “Work- Gangs” will carry out their sinister tasks.
If you discover such signs at you house or garden walls, report it to the Police.



New miniaturized Video gear has been discovered with some ATM’, attached as sort of a frame. These can record your inputs from either the left or right hand side
and are able to detect your codes.
Be vigilant whenever you use an ATM.



Javea Local Police has issued a public warning concerning a group of scammers operating in the municipality as bogus electrical company workers. In this particular scam operation, the bogus electrical company representatives call unannounced to "replace" the electrical meter, demanding payment in cash for the job. The police would like to clarify that no such company is presently operating in the municipality and would like to stress that these services are never to be paid for directly, but are to be charged with the next electricity bill.

In addition to issuing this warning, especially aimed at seniors, the police would like to remind all those who have been victim to a scam or have information that may help to apprehend these criminal, to contact the police as soon as possible. People who present themselves as Iberdrola employees and ask for cash payment for a bill they present.

Iberdrola never asks for cash for their invoices!



There are E-Mails in circulation bearing the letterhead of the Policia National requesting payment for a fine for trumped up charges ( visiting porn-sites in the Internet).
The Police never sends fines by E-Mail!



The Neighbourhood Watch organisation have informed us that there has recently been a big increase in internet and online scams, with people attempting to get access to email, mobile phones, computer records and bank account details and warning people to be wary.
More details of current online scams can be found on the the Neighbourhood Watch website - http://www.nhwinspain.com/crime-stopping/80-internet-security.html