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Information for Jávea Residents

This page contains information that may be of interest to people living in Spain or those that have properties here.

Residency rights in Spain after Brexit

There has been a lot of information about Brexit being circulated over the Christmas 2017 period; below is an example. The Jávea U3A accepts no responsibility for the correctness of the information. If in doubt as what it means and how it affects you, you are advised to seek professional advice.

The British Government and the European Union have agreed the date for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union to be 29th of March 2019. As a result of this, negotiations on the Withdrawal Agreement have started. Those negotiations will have direct consequences on the rights of many UK citizens living in Spain.

As per the Agreement reached on 15th December, 2017, United Kingdom citizens living in Spain for more than five years on 29th March, 2019 will obtain settled status. Residents in Spain for less than five years will be able to stay until they have reached the five years threshold from the day of residence obtention. Citizens with a settled status scheme will keep their residence, healthcare rights, pension and other benefit provisions as they are today.

Here is generally accepted summarized conclusions from the negotiation agreement affecting UK expats living in Spain:

  • For those that obtained their residency card before the 29th of March 2014, living in Spain since then, it will be easy to obtain a permanent residency card if they do not have one yet. Please, check if your residency card is named as “residente comunitario” (EU citizen resident) or “residente comunitario permanente” (Permanent EU citizen resident). 

Below you will find examples of “residente comunitario permanente”, in the two current formats.

If you have “Residente comunitario permanente” no further action is required. On the contrary, if your card is not a permanent one, it is highly recommended that you start your application as soon as possible.

  • For those that do not have a residence card yet, it is recommended to start the registration process, and collect all evidence of your stay in Spain before obtaining residence card, specially if you arrived before March 29th, 2014.
  • Those married to or dependent of European Union citizens will have residency rights covered under the family links.

If you wish more information about the residency process, you can get it here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/residency-requirements-in-spain.

[Added 13th January 2018.]

Petition re Health Care after Brexit

Health Care is an important issue for the Expat Community in Spain and there is much confusion and worry related to what the position will be once the UK leave the EU.

In order to try to ensure that Expats retain their SIP cards and the service associated with them, there is a new petition lobbying Parliament to retain our healthcare after Brexit.

As you probably know, if it reaches 100,000 signatures, it has to be debated in both Houses. As this subject will be high on the agenda regarding Expats and UK citizens living in the UK, the more lobbying that is done the better.

If you wish to add your name to the petition then it is very easy and takes about five minutes.

As an online petition, all you need to do is click on the link below and sign up. You will be presented with a couple of very simple forms to complete.

This will result in an email being sent to you. You need to click on the link in the email to get your name added to the petition.


[Added 25th August 2016.]

Have you lost items in a burglary

With 1,000 stolen pieces now recovered by the Guardia in Jávea, there are going to be people who know people that have had their villas/apartments broken into in the past or had items stolen from bags or cars etc.


FROM: NHW Cumbre del Sol
SENT: ‎05/‎08/‎2016 17:06
SUBJECT: A message from our colleges in Jávea.

''I have just visited the Guardia office in Jávea and was informed that the ‘Boys in Green’ made an arrest last night of a burglar(s) and this has resulted in the recovery of about 1,000 items of suspected stolen goods including phones, watches, jewellery etc.

They have asked that we circulate this to as many residents as possible so that if anyone has been the subject of a robbery / burglary in recent months you may go the offices of the Guardia Civil in Jávea and look through the property with the hope of identifying anything that may be theirs.''

Mike and Muriel Sadler. 

Vecinos Cooperando
Lead Coordinators.NHWCumbre, Benitachell.
Telephone. NHW 634 34 34 00.
Email.nhwcumbre@gmail.com Website www.nhwinspain.com [1]

[Added in August 2016].

Beware - Daylight Robbery!

There is a report of a passenger window smashed on a car in the rough car park by the cinema in the Port . This happened during the morning in full view of the flats opposite. The car owner returned whilst possible suspects were driving away and gave their vehicle details to the Guardia Civil. The window was smashed so they could snatch a small shopping bag off the front seat.

With the summer influx we will see an increase in this sort of crime. Police advice was to leave nothing in sight in cars, USE the BOOT OR UNDER the SEATS.

[Added in June 2016].

Canal de la Fontana

Interested in what is happening on the Canal de la Fontana at the Arenal?

Then go to marinanoufontana.es where there are photos, a video and plans available along with info on the current progress. Click on some of the photos to get more information.

[Added in April 2016.]

Terrorism In Spain

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) continue to issue warnings on foreign travel by British Nationals. Currently they still regard Spain as high risk and advise both tourists and foreign nationals who might be resident in Spain to be aware of such risks and keep themselves alert at all times.

Experts have not only detected a greater number of references to Spain in online conversations within radical Islamic circles, but the gravity of the violence expressed in these messages is also increasing. As a result they say that there is a high threat from terrorism.

Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in those places visited by foreigners. The Spanish authorities take measures to protect visitors, but they stress that you should be vigilant and follow the instructions of the local authorities.

There is considered to be a heightened threat of terrorist attack globally against UK interests and British nationals, from groups or individuals motivated by the conflict in Iraq and Syria. You should be vigilant at this time.

The general sense of alarm in Europe and the fact that the Islamic caliphate recently observed its first anniversary also contributed to Spanish authorities’ decision to increase the terror alert level in the country.

In 2015, Spanish police have disrupted a number of groups suspected of recruiting individuals to travel to Syria and Iraq arresting a total of 47 people so far this year for jihadist terrorism.

Some of those arrested expressed an intention to carry out attacks in Europe. However Spanish authorities believe that a number of Spanish nationals have successfully travelled to Syria and Iraq.

[Added on 13th July 2015.]

Barclays/Caixa Bank and your State Pension

If you are with Barclays Bank in the Arenal, now the Caixa Bank, and you currently get your State Pension paid directly into your account then the following maybe of interest to you.

It is important that you let the Dept for Works and Pensions know of the change to your bank details. You can phone 0044 191 218 7777 (Pensions Service, Newcastle) and give them the relevant details (Nat Insurance No., new Bank details - e.g. BIC, IBAN numbers).

If they do not have this new information, it may be that you won't receive your pension this month.
You might(!) get a phone call from the pension people, telling you to phone the above number.

Getting a new Spanish Driving Licence - It couldn't be easier!

A number of our members have discovered how easy it is now to renew your Spanish driving licence.

Here is an email from Krystyna:

"I thought I would share our experience of renewing a Spanish Driving Licence today in Jávea (office, opposite Dia Supermarket and next door to the Toy shop, down an alley).

Robin went into the office to renew his Spanish driving licence and it took him approximately 10 mins from walking in the door taking photos, a little medical test and all for €40 (I think after a certain age you don´t pay traffico). 

The staff were very helpful and polite. Said licence should come within one month, but also gave us a document in case it was late coming. I was quite amazed. [WebMaster: ours came in less than a month.]

I didn´t think to ask, but it might be worth going in to see if they change your British driving licence to Spanish, if you need to do this.  We used a Gestoria for Robin´s original Spanish licence, which obviously bumps up the price.

Hope you find this of interest.

Kind regards,


Bank Account Regulations

Many of you might have already been to your Bank with your Passports or residency papers, in order to make sure they have all your correct details.

Although the Banks have had 5 years to do this, they have left it to the last minute and there is a panic on now, as everyone with a Bank account in Spain must show their Passport by the end of this month, 30th April.  If you do not do this there is a big possibility that your Bank account can be frozen.

I will quote you what the Spanish newspaper El Pais says today.

"After 3 months these blocked accounts will be transferred to a different category known as cuentas de orden, recovering one´s money at that point could be more complicated and require additional paperwork."

It also mentions if you have cards with shops like El Corte Ingles etc. you need to sort it out before 1st May, otherwise your cards will be blocked.  They are under the same obligations as the Banks.

The Banks did ask for an extension, but were refused by the Economy Ministry.

Please pass this information to your friends and family.


Renewing Your EHIC Card

You need a new European Health Insurance (EHIC) card every 5 years.

In order to renew your EHIC card, all you have to do is telephone the following UK number: 0044 1912 790 575. 

There are no forms to fill and is very straightforward. 

You should receive your new card within a month.

Attendance Allowance

Lorna Ainsworth has very thoughtfully obtained the correct and up to date information for anyone UK citizens living here, who may be faced with the difficult situation of caring for their partner/friend who have become physically or mentally  disabled or are terminally ill. See Attendance Allowance for details.

Traffic Law Changes

New traffic laws came into effect in May 2014. Please see the document below for a summary of how they might affect you.

New Traffic Law Changes.

Beware of Risks and Scams!

We have been advised of a number of risks and scams taking place in the Jávea and surrounding areas.

Please take note of the details of these scams.

Process for obtaining a SIP Card

Jávea Town Council and Marina Salud have reached an agreement to simplify the issuing of the SIP Card to residents who register on the padrón. Anyone interested in starting the  process of obtaining health benefits should call at the Help Desk.

The agreement  allows newcomers to start the  process of obtaining a SIP at the same time as registering on the padrón. Then, someone from Marina Salud will contact the person in their own language to inform them of their rights and benefits.

The head of the management and patient guidance of Marina Salud, Maite López, said that "it is a simple and voluntary procedure which does not involve any cost to the recipient". It will make people aware of the rights they have as residents of Jávea and of the preventive programs  such as vaccination campaigns for flu & the early detection of colon or breast cancer. Lopez said that this system is already operational in Calpe with good results.

It is hoped that this new incentive will help to encourage registration on the padrón, as it is important that residents register, so that the town receives its payments from the state. It is estimated that between 7,000 and Javea 10,000 citizens aren’t registered.

The information is a copy of that currently (5th March 2014) on Jose Chulvi's web site.

Any new information or advice discovered by those using this process will be added to the information above.


Basura Discount Process

This describes the process that notofied to the Jávea U3A last year for applying for a discount to the Basura charges. No information is available this year as to whether this process is still operating. Suggest you visit the Help Desk.

Basura Discount Process


Proposed New Hunting Laws

€1000 Fine for Walking in the Countryside!!!

There is a proposal to introduce a law which seems to prohibit "non-hunters" from walking or cycling in the countryside for half of every week between Oct and Easter (plus fiestas).

For more details, including a local newspaper report, see www.cbmwalkers.org/news.html

Although the report refers to "in the mountains", we know that hunting takes place all over our region, in areas used by many of us.

On that web site, there is also an online petition against the proposal, which is very easy to join and register your opposition to the proposed new law.


Next of Kin

The Jávea U3A Committee would like to recommend that all members carry their Next of Kin details with them at all times. Although this information is in our passports, few of us carry our passports. Having this information on a card/paper in our wallets or purses could prove very valuable in the event of an emergency.


New Carrefour Supermercado

The new Carrefour in located in the shopping complex on the Moraira-Teulada CV743 road.

Membership of Carrefour takes 5 minutes (you need a Spanish driving licence or Residence certificate). Over 65s get special discounts.

An 8% discount off their fuel, or a 4% discount on fuel at any CEPSA services.


The British Consular Network

The British Consular Network have produce a quarterly Partners' Newsletter containing information that may be of interest / value to those living in Spain. Latest Partners' Newsletter.

As well as the newsletter, there is a lot of information aimed at those Living In Spain on their web site.



British Consulate in Alicante has moved.

The British Consulate in Alicante is moving offices. The new office is located 10 minutes’ walk from the current one and will be up and running on Tuesday 14th May 2013.

The new address is

British Consulate Alicante,
Edificio Espacio,
Rambla Méndez Núñez 28-30,
6ª planta (6th floor),
03002 Alicante.

Tel: (0034) 965 21 60 22
Fax: (0034) 965 14 05 28
Email: info.consulate@fco.gov.uk
Web: www.gov.uk/world/spain



Map of the old and new locations.


The Harvest Store

The Harvest Store in Jávea Port, which was recently opened by the Mayor in early December last year has been set up as a collection centre for food donations to help the needy in Jávea. If you wish to support this worthy cause, please refer to the poster below which has the necessary contact information.

Harvest Store


The Grapevine Magazine

The Grapevine magazine has been a valuable source of information about what's going on in Jávea for a number of years. Unfortunately, the closure of the CopiShop means that the Grapevine will no longer be available on paper any more. However, this excellent magazine will now be available on the internet. Click on the link below to view the Grapevine, looking the same as it always did on paper. Click the arrows on the edges to page through the magazine. It is stil packed with useful local information, plenty of humour and puzzles.

The Jávea Grapevine Magazine


Oficina de Atenticon al Ciudadano

A new section of the Oficina de Atenticon al Ciudadano is now prepared to handle up to 60 different local government procedures, such as padrón registration, occupation and building licences as well as a number of application and registration procedures. For more details see the press release below.

Press Release for Oficina de Atenticon al Ciudadano

Shopping Online

Some information about shopping online to the UK from Spain. It isn't clear how up to date this information is, so be careful.

Shopping Online.


Benitachell Bowls Club - Free Bowling Sessions

Are you aware of the free bowling sessions at Benitachell Bowls Club?  These are available on a one-to-one basis, or as a group activity.  A couple of years ago, a very successful "taste of bowling" day was arranged for U3A members, which was very popular, and this could be done again if there was sufficient interest.

See attached note for more information and contact details.


Jávea - Alicante Airport Shuttle

A new airport shuttle is operating from Jávea (and other local areas) to and from Alicante Airport. Whilst early indications regarding the quality and reliability of this service have been favourable, members must assess the service themselves as to whether it is suitable for them or their family and friends.

Poster from Beni Connect Shuttle Service

www.beniconnect.com BeniConnect Web Site


Spanish Wills and Inheritance Tax

At the September 2012 General Meeting, our guest speaker Carlos Baos gave a talk on Spanish Inheritance Tax and Spanish Wills. Below is a document from Carlos reiterating some of the issues that he discussed.

"The law on Inheritance Tax in Spain is complex and we recommend that members take professional advice from their own lawyers.  The document below from White & Baos, who spoke to Jávea U3A members at the September 2012 general assembly meeting at the Parador Hotel, may be relevant.  Jávea U3A in no way endorses or recommends this particular company and this information is given without responsibility and liability on the part of the Jávea U3A ".

Spanish Wills and Inheritance Tax by White & Baos Abogados & Solicitors.

Making Your Will??

Most people go to solicitors to make their Wills, who will probably charge a couple of hundred euros for 2 Wills. 

If you go direct to the Notary in Jávea Old Town, they will do 2 Wills for about €84. 


Winter Fuel Allowance

There has been a change in the UK's Winter Fuel Allowance rules. 

People over the age of 60 (actually those born before the 5th July 1951) living in the EU and Switzerland may be entitled to it.  Details of how to claim is on the Winter Fuel Payment web site.

Scroll down to Who needs to claim section and download the Winter Fuel Payment Claim Form for EEA and Switzerland.

The address to send it to and any other relevant information, e.g. phone nos etc., is on the International Pension Centre page.


Sanatorium San Francisco de Borja

Sanatorium San Francisco de Borja in Fontilles has opened the health facilities to people in need of a temporary stay in a hospital for postoperative periods, convalescence from illness, chronic diseases, rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery and other similar cases and situations.

The Father Ferris Pavilion has 90 beds in single and double rooms, all with bathroom and TV. The building has an office for medical staff, a nursing station, two common dining areas, a treatment room, a rehabilitation room, a private chapel, a recreation room, a meeting room and one enclosed garden.

For information contact: Marisa Moll marisa@fontilles.org or Raquel Blay rblay@fontilles.org
or telephone 96 558 3350. Fontilles is situated 4 kms from Orba.



Miscellaneous Information

HELP of Dénia and Marina Alta

HELP have recently introduced a new initiative aimed at assisting the needs of the dedicated carer looking after partner, spouse, parent, etc. For more details see the following document.

Respite Care.


The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and the Environment has set up a hide for people to photograph the fauna of the Montgó Natural Park.

For full details of the Hide.


Alicante Airport - new terminal

Confused? Many of us have been! Details of the new terminal and how to get there can be found at the following website


An abbreviated version, which can viewed and/or printed.

Enjoy your trip!


Reading Scheme

Details of a Reading Scheme that has been set in Spain, including book exchange points and facilities for borrowing books in English from the Town Library.

Cheaper Cinema for Pensioners

Every Tuesday at the Javea Cinema in the Port, pensioners can ask for a reduction in the price of a ticket from €6 to €5.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

A list of Emergency Telephone Numbers in Spain and the Costa Blanca.

Oficina de Atenticon al Ciudadano

A new section of the Oficina de Atenticon al Ciudadano is now prepared to handle up to 60 different local government procedures, such as padrón registration, occupation and building licences as well as a number of application and registration procedures. For more details see the press release below.

Press Release for Oficina de Atenticon al Ciudadano


Padron Renewal

For information on Padron Renewal.

Management and Planning of Javea town

Agenda 21 is a forum open to everyone regardless of nationality. They make proposals to the Town Hall for improving Javea. For more information go the Town Hall website:
and click Agenda 21 at top of page and then top right drop-down language list to select your chosen language.

Javea Indoor Food Market

Situated in the Old Town. Butchers, Cheese, Bread, Fish, Fruit and Vegetables and Frozen Foods. They are offering 5% discount off your purchases every Wednesday. Remember to say 'el descuento de cinco porciento, por favor'. Closed at lunchtime.


Photos [Click on the camera icon]

Dénia Fallas 2017, 18th March.