Jávea U3A

Notice Board 

The Jávea U3A Notice Board

The Jávea U3A Notice Board is a facility to enable Jávea U3A members to communicate with each other for the purpose of selling or recycling items.  The Notice Board is part of the Jávea U3A Web Site.
This facility is only available to current Jávea U3A members and this will be strictly controlled.

The Notice Board currently comprises the following sections:

  • The For Sale Board.  Members that have items that they want to sell or recycle can be put on the board for the attention of other Jávea U3A members.  [“Recycle” is where the “seller” does not want any money for the item.]
  • The Wanted Board.  Similarly, for members that want an item and would like to contact a Jávea U3A member that have such an item.


The Notice Board is a means of putting a “seller” in touch with a “customer” (or vice versa for the Wanted Board).  All interactions with the Notice Board are via email.

Please note that personal contact details are NOT put on the Notice Board or anywhere else on the Web Site.

The Jávea U3A shall not be held liable for any product defect/default/failure or any other problem howsoever caused.  Any purchase or transfer of goods is strictly between the Jávea U3A members involved and the Jávea U3A will not be involved.


How does it work?

Take the For Sale board as an example, but the Wanted board works exactly the same way.

  • The “seller” sends an email to the Notice Board.
  • The item is put on the Notice Board on the Web Site.
  • If anybody is interested in the item, then they send an email to the Notice Board which is forwarded on to the “seller”.
  • The “seller” contacts the interested party (the “customer”) and they haggle.
  • The “seller” informs the Notice Board that the item is sold and it is removed from the Notice Board.