Jávea U3A

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Elections

Each year, the Jávea U3A are required by their Statutes to hold elections to choose those Members that will constitute the following year’s Executive Committee. Any Member of the Association can stand for election to any of the Executive Committee Roles (positions). The Membership are allowed to vote for the Candidates of their choice.

The Executive Committee Elections comprise the following stages:

  • Appointment of an independent Election Auditor to oversea the whole election process.
  • Nomination of Candidates that wish to stand for the Executive Committee Roles.
  • Voting for these Candidate by the Membership.
  • Announcement of the Election Results and the incoming Committee taking office.

The Executive Committee Elections will conform to a Jávea U3A Process that can be viewed at Election Process. The KEY person in the Election Process is the Election Auditor. There is Job Description for the role of Election Auditor available. In practice, the amount of work required by the Election Auditor is not onerous or complicated. However, this person is essential to the integrity of the election.

Nomination of Candidates for 2019

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Nominations are invited for any Members who wishes to stand for election to the Executive Committee for 2019. Any Member of the Association can stand for election to any of the Executive Committee Roles and descriptions detailing the responsibilities and job content of all Roles can be found at Job Descriptions.

Any Member, including current Committee Members, can be nominated for any one of the Executive Committee Roles, but ONLY one. 

Anybody wishing to put themselves forward for election must submit a completed and signed Nomination Form to the Election Auditor during one of the following three General Meetings:

  • September,
  • October,
  • November.

Each Candidate must be nominated by a Jávea U3A Member, and seconded by another Jávea U3A Member.

Nomination Forms are available for download/printing. Click Nomination Form to view form. The form will also be available from the Election Auditor at the General Meetings in September, October and November.

Nominations must be submitted on the official Nomination Form and signed by the Candidate, the Nominator and the Seconder.

If a Candidate cannot attend any of the above three General Meetings, then someone else is allowed to submit the Form to the Election Auditor on their behalf. Each Candidate, Nominator and Seconder will receive an email confirming the acceptance of the Nomination.

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For details on how the Voting Process will be managed, including a chance to try out the Voting Form now, go to Voting Process.