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Executive Committee
Demo Voting Form

DEMO Executive Committee Elections 2019

Voting Form

During the Online Voting Period, the form like the one below is used to cast your votes for the Executive Committee Elections. In the real election you can only vote once, however for the demo you can vote as many times as you want.

Please try out the Election Form below and send any comments to the WebMaster.

If you cannot get the form to accept your identity, then please send your details to the WebMaster so the problem can be rectified before the real voting starts.

Your Identity

(exactly as it appears on the back of the membership card)
First Name: Last Name:  
Membership No:      
A copy of the voting choices will be sent to the registered email address of the voter.
A duplicate copy is also sent to the Election Auditor for auditing.

Your Votes

Click on the empty circles to chose a Candidate.
Candidates are listed in order of nomination.
President: Michael Jordan George Harrison Clear
Vice President: Bob Dylan Clear
Secretary: Joe Montana Denis Law Clear
Treasurer: Diana Ross Mark Knopfler Clear
Groups Coordinator: Aimee Mann Fiona Apple Clear
Membership Secretary: Brian Wilson Helen Folasade Adu Clear
Communications: Roger Waters Jeff Lynne Clear

Your Votes

Click on the Submit button to send the votes