Jávea U3A

Executive Committee

The Voting Process

Each year, the Jávea U3A are required by their Statutes to hold elections to choose those Members that will constitute the following year’s Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee Elections comprise the following stages:

  • Appointment of an independent Election Auditor to oversea the whole election process.
  • Nomination of Candidates that wish to stand for the Executive Committee posts.
  • Voting for these Candidate by the membership.
  • Announcement of the Election Results and the incoming Committee taking office.


The Voting Process

All Jávea U3A Members are permitted to vote. They can vote for their chosen Candidates for each of the Committee Roles. Each Voting Form will allow the Voter to select their preferred Candidate for each of the Committee Roles.

The majority of Jávea U3A Members have access to the Internet. To make voting easier for the Members and secure, reliable and low maintenance for the Association, an Online Election Facility has been produced and will be used at the Executive Committee Elections. This facility will be available via the Jávea U3A WebSite.

All Members that have access to the Internet (and therefore to our WebSite) will be required to vote online. They will NOT be allowed to vote at the General Meetings via a Paper Voting Form.

For those Members who genuinely do NOT have any access to the Internet, facilities will be provided to allow them to vote at the General Meetings (see below).


Voting Electronically via the Website

The Jávea U3A WebSite will provide online facilites for members to vote electronically. Access to this facility will be via a username / password that will be distributed to all Jávea U3A Members via Email.

A simple electronic form will present the list of Candidates for each Committee Role, allowing the Member to choose a Candidate for each Role, or not, as they prefer. All Members that have access to the Internet are required to vote via an Online Voting Form. They will not be allowed to submit Paper Voting Forms.

Once the electronic form is submitted, the votes will be secured and audited. The Member submitting the vote will receive an Email with their identity and detailing the Candidates for whom they voted. This Email will be sent to the Email Address registered for the Member in the Jávea U3A Membership Database. (If you don't receive such an email, check the Spam / Junk folder.)

The Online Voting Period will commence on the Monday of the week of the January General Meeting, i.e. Mon, 28 Jan 2019 18:00.

The Online Voting Period will close approximately ONE WEEK before the March AGM, i.e. Mon, 18 Mar 2019 18:00. This provides a total Voting Period of about 8-9 weeks.

Demo voting is hidden here

The button below will provide access to the Demo Voting Form where you can see how easy it is to vote. Please try the form and vote as many times as you want.

Demo Voting Form

Online Voting is hidden here


Voting in person at a General Meeting

For those Members that do not have the access to the Internet, their only means of voting is to come to one of the General Meetings, fill in and sign a Voting Form and hand it to the Election Auditor.

A small number of Paper Voting Forms will be available at the General Meetings where Paper Voting is allowed. Paper Voting Forms will NOT be downloadable from the WebSite. The Election Auditor will strictly control the issue of Paper Voting Forms in conjunction with a list of all the Members that do not have email addresses registered in the Membership Database.

Members that have access to the internet will NOT be allowed to vote via Paper Voting Forms.

The Member must fill in the Paper Voting Form and then hand it back to the Election Auditor, who will check it and ensure that it is signed. Paper Votes can ONLY be submitted by the person whose name is on the form, i.e. it must be done in person.

Those Members needing to use Paper Voting Forms will have two opportunities to vote:

  • at the January General Meeting,
  • at the February General Meeting.

Paper Voting will close at the end of the February General Meeting.

Election Auditor will manually input the Paper Votes into the Online Election Facility. This operation will be securely audited.


Terms and Conditions

  1. A Member can only vote once.
  2. A Member can only vote in their own name, they cannot submit votes for other Members. 
  3. There are no proxies either via Paper or Online Voting.
  4. Once accepted, votes cannot be withdrawn or changed for any reason.
  5. If a Member is deleted at the end of February due to non-renewal of their Membership Subscription, then their vote will be discarded automatically by the Online Election Facility.
  6. Any Paper Vote submitted where the Member’s name or membership number is incorrect will be null and void.
  7. Any Member that votes more than once (by any means) will have all their votes voided.
  8. All Voting Attempts, whether successful or not, will be securely audited.
  9. It is each Candidate's responsibility to ensure that their Nominator and Seconder have renewed their Membership otherwise the Candidate will be removed from the Election Results.