Jávea U3A


Groups Coordinator

Groups Coordinator - Job Description

Tasks and Duties

Encourage members to set up and run appropriate groups for the Association.

Complete new Group Leader Form, maintain records and information on the groups and their activities.

Assist Group Leaders in the setting up and starting of Groups.

Assist Group Leaders in booking the Sports Centre, rooms at the Social Centre, etc.

Advise Group Leaders in the use of the website.

Organise Group Leaders meetings at least once a year.

Represent the Group Leaders at the meeting of the Association’s Committee meetings.

Act as speaker for the Groups at the Association’s General Meeting and Annual General Meeting.

Supervise the organisation of the Association’s Open Meetings in conjunction with the Committee and Groups Team.

Advise Group Leaders of Data Protection responsibilities.

Inform Group Leaders of forthcoming activities and events in order to avoid, as far as possible, clashes with other activities.

Update on a monthly basis the Committee/Group Leaders Contact List and send copies to other members of the Committee.

Maintain the Groups Activity Calendar and liaise with the WebMaster to ensure all in-formation for Groups and Groups Activities is updated and published on the Web Site.

Delegate some of the above tasks and responsibilities to the Deputy Groups Coordinator.

Monitor and supervise the activities of the Deputy Groups Coordinator.


Skills and Knowledge

Good communication, writing, editing and presentation skills.

People Person.

Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.

A working knowledge of oral Spanish would be an advantage but not essential.



The Groups Co-ordinator has the authority to authorise Group expenditure for Group start up costs, hire of accommodation and/or equipment, without Committee approval, up to the value of €250 per annum per Group.

All expenditure is to be authorised by the Groups Co-ordinator and the Treasurer advised by e-mail.

Claims must be submitted on a signed Jávea U3A Expense Form which must be forwarded to the Treasurer.


Dated 6th October 2015