Jávea U3A


The Treasurer

Tasks and Duties

  1. To preparing the statement of accounts and balance sheet as follows:
    1. (a) Presentation of the statement of accounts and balance sheet to an independent auditor, as appointed by the Executive Committee, for auditing and approval.
      (b) Presentation of the approved and audited accounts to the Executive Committee for confirmation and signature by the President.
      (c) Presentation of these accounts to the General Assembly.
  2. To drawing up the Association annual budget.
  3. To manage and account for Association funds.
  4. To undertake the monthly reconciliations to both the bank balance and to petty cash.
  5. To sign all receipts, quotas, and other treasury documents.
  6. To pay invoices approved by the Executive Committee, travel, or group co-ordinator.
  7. To control and withdraw funds in accordance with the provisions detailed in Article 27 of the Association's Statutes.
  8. To update accounts with details of changes to membership payments in accordance with information provided by the Membership secretary.

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Good accountancy skills
  2. Competent in the preparation and presentation of the Society’s Accounts.
  3. Good working knowledge of Microsoft Office particularly Excel.