Jávea U3A


The Vice President

Tasks and Duties

  1. Inform the Secretary of agenda items for the monthly Executive Committee meeting.
  2. Attend the Executive Committee meeting at the Social Centre around the 20th of month on the Monday of the week before the monthly General Assembly meeting at the Parador, Jávea.
  3. To organise and arrange a suitable venue for meetings of the General Assembly (when required) and each year, for the Executive Committee.
  4. Update the Discount Lists on the website around 18th of each month and send to Webmaster.
  5. Prepare Parador seating plans from existing templates from input at the monthly Executive Committee meeting for the Cabo la Nao, Antesala and Azathar rooms at the Parador. Send these plans to the Parador management a few days before the meeting.
  6. Communication Officer will send draft of monthly newsletter to President and Vice President to proof read and approve before publication.
  7. On General Assembly meeting day, arrive at the Parador around 9.30 am. Check room layouts, put out Executive Committee nameplates and suggestion box. Help install digital printer and speaker system for speaker as appropriate.
  8. The Vice President is responsible for the annual speaker programme of the U3A. This requires arranging for speakers at six of our monthly General Assembly meetings at the Parador for the months of February, April, May, June, September and October.
  9. To deputise for the President in his/her absence.

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Good leadership skills.
  2. Good communication, writing, editing and presentation skills.
  3. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office.