Jávea U3A




The Jávea U3A Website represents the main means of communication with its members. It holds the current state of the groups and the organisation as a whole.

The WebMaster is responsible for all aspects pertaining to the provision of the Website and for reporting to the Committee on any issues and ongoing activities.

Tasks and Duties


As a member of the Committee, the WebMaster is expected to play an active part in the running of the Jávea U3A, contributing towards the decision making and ensuring that the best interests of the Jávea U3A and its members are protected.

As part of these duties, the WebMaster is required to attend all the Committee Meetings and all the General Meetings if at all possible.

Updating the WebSite

  1. To maintain the information content of the Website, applying additions, changes and deletions as required, in a timely fashion.
  2. To ensure that items placed on the Website are factually correct.
  3. To ensure that items placed on the Website conform to the presentation rules defined for the Website.
  4. To ensure that new information is understandable and fits seamlessly into the page(s) where it is located and that the quality of the Website is maintained.
  5. To locate information that has not been submitted for inclusion on the Website, and where appropriate, add that information to the Website.
  6. To maintain the NewsFEED to contain summary links to important/relevant information held in the Website.
  7. To remove information from the Website once it is no longer required or no longer relevant.
  8. To report any conflicts or inconsistencies within the information submitted to the Website to the information provider and resolve the consequences.

General WebSite Management

  1. To safeguard the integrity of the Website and the information it contains.
  2. To improve/enhance the Website to
    1. resolve problems as they are identified,
    2. make it easier and quicker to use,
    3. improve its look / presentation.
  3. To produce and maintain documents that:
    1. define the rules and practices to be followed when updating the Website,
    2. describe how to setup and apply the tools used to manage the Website,
    3. capture useful information and tips that help to make managing the Website easier and consistent amongst those performing it.
  4. To ensure that the source files associated with the Website are maintained in a secure manner, protecting them from loss or corruption.
  5. To ensure that the Website can be managed by different people.
  6. To ensure that the operation and maintenance of the Website is not dependent on any one person’s computer(s).
  7. To interact with our Web Host when and where necessary to ensure that availability and performance of the Website is acceptable, and that issues affecting the Website are resolved.
  8. To ensure that payments to the Web Host are made in a timely fashion.
  9. In consultation with the Committee, to select and acquire the software required to manage the Website.
  10. In consultation with the Committee, evaluate the provision of new facilities within the Website and advise on costs and feasibility.

Jávea U3A Email Accounts

  1. To manage the creation and setup of the Jávea U3A (u3ajavea.org) email accounts and their allocation to Group Leaders, Committee members and any other members authorised to use one.
  2. To manage the “handover” of these email accounts from one member to another as roles within the Association change.
  3. To maintain the security/privacy of these email accounts during such handovers.
  4. To interact with members that have these email accounts to ensure that they are able to use them in a way that suits their technical capabilities and their preferred way of accessing emails.
  5. To provide support to those members that have problems with their Jávea U3A email accounts.
  6. To produce and maintain documents that describe the use of these email accounts, both from an Administrator’s, as well as the member’s, standpoint.
  7. To interact with the Email Accounts facilities supplied by our Web Host to achieve all of the above.

Jávea U3A Document Store

  1. To create and manage the Document Store and enhance it as required by the Committee.
  2. To create secure user accounts to control access to the Document Store.
  3. To provide authorised members with their own user account and the means to gain access to the Document Store.
  4. To create and maintain documents describing both administrator and end-user aspects of the Document Store.
  5. To advise the Committee on the use of the Document Store as and when required.

Online Facilities

  1. Development and ongoing support of the Online Membership Database and associated facilities.
  2. Development and ongoing support of the Online Election Process.

The Online Notice Board

  1. To manage the Notice Board on our Website.
  2. To process submissions to the Notice Board.
  3. To process all responses to items on the Notice Board, sending them to the submitter.
  4. To ensure that entries placed on the Notice Board conform to the rules:
    1. no personal identities on the Website,
    2. all submitters must be current members,
    3. all responders must be current members.
  5. To maintain the information necessary to protect identities and relay enquiries to submitters.
  6. To produce and maintain documents necessary to allow the management of the Notice Board as described above.

Cultural Arts

  1. To take items submitted to the Cultural Arts email account and put them on the Website with a consistent presentation that makes it easy to understand each event.
  2. To monitor the Cultural Arts web page removing items that are now longer relevant.

Web Management Team

  1. The Web Mgmt Team are collectively responsible for the short and long term development and maintenance of the Website and all the tools and systems that are required to achieve this.
  2. The leader of the team is the WebMaster. One of the other members of the team will be designated the Deputy WebMaster.
  3. The WebMaster is responsible of keeping the team up to date with the state of areas under the responsiblity of the the WebMaster and for monitoring and supervising their activities.
  4. One or members of the team may be asked to perform some of the functions of the WebMaster during periods where the WebMaster is not available.
  5. The WebMaster is responsible for ensuring that the members of the team are capable of performing these duties.


  1. A good background in IT and software development.
  2. A background in software design.
  3. Familiarity with Web site design, internet browsers and a range of PC applications.
  4. Experience in user interface design, and solid presentational skills for page design.
  5. Good communication skills, both written and oral.
  6. Experience with all or some of the following:
    1. Adobe’s Dreamweaver,
    2. HTML,
    3. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),
    4. JavaScript,
    5. PHP,
    6. SQL
    7. Photo/image editing software,
    8. Microsoft Office.
  7. Ability to learn new techniques and computer languages.
  8. An understanding of Source Control philosophy.
  9. A good understanding of email systems and how they work.
  10. Attention to detail, able to spot mistakes.
  11. Able to follow processes and procedures.
  12. Able to interact with less technically experienced members and resolve their issues.