Jávea U3A

Payment by
Bank Transfer 

Payment By Bank Transfer

The Jávea U3A provides its members with opportunities to participate in numerous events throughout the year. Whether they be travel trips or social events, the cost of these events is passed onto the members that participate.

Many of our members will pay for these events by attending the General Meetings at the Parador and paying cash or cheques to the organiser of the event.

For some events it is acceptable, where stated, to pay at the event (i.e. "on the day").

However, we recognise that many of our members cannot attend the General Meeting when payment is due, therefore we also offer, on many events, the facility to pay via a Bank Transfer. If the event can be paid via Bank Transfer then the description of the event will specify a unique Bank Transfer Code. You cannot pay via Bank Transfer without this code.

It is also possible to pay the annual Jávea U3A Membership Subscription by Bank Transfer, and, although Subscription is not an event, it follows exactly the same rules below. See How to Join.

For each Bank Transfer, it is necessary to provide a Payments Reference field. It is essential that you fill in this Payments Reference field as defined below; this is the only way that the Jávea U3A can determine who has made the payment and what the payment is for (i.e. which trip, for which people).

In the Payments Reference field of the Bank Transfer you must include

  • The event's Bank Transfer Code (from the event's description),
  • the Full Name(s) for all those being paid for,
  • the Membership Number(s) for all those being paid for.

This information is essential as it allows us to determine who the transfer is from and what it is for. If you fail to provide this information then your booking may be in jeopardy.

Once again, it is essential that the Payments Reference field contains this information.

The following information relates to the Jávea U3A bank account and is required to make a payment by Bank Transfer.

Association Name:

Asociación Social de la Tercera Edad de Jávea




Avenida del Pla 160,

03730 Jávea, Spain.





Account No






22 0002 5436



The IBAN number is entered as a 24 char code, without spaces, or with a space after the Country code. For some Spanish banks, the Country code may not be required and therefore you will be entering the remaining 20 char code (without spaces).

The BIC (Swift) details may be required by some banks for transfers from overseas.