Jávea U3A


Set " Jávea U3A Home" as your default page.

Mozilla's Firefox is a popular internet browser.


Every time you start up Firefox it will go to the same default Website. It is easy to configure Firefox to go to a Website of your choosing.

This is how to make Firefox go to the Javea U3A Home Page every time it is started.

  1. This assumes you are viewing this page using Firefox.
  2. You need to click on Tools on the main menu at the top of the window:

  3. If this menu is NOT visible, then press the Alt key on your keyboard to make Firefox display this menu, then click on Tools.
  4. From the dropdown menu, click on the Options item (normally at the bottom of the menu).

  5. This will cause the following dialog box (window) to be displayed.
    It is usually displayed with the General tab selected, but if it isn't, click on the General tab to make the dialog box look like that below

    At this point, this dialog box will obscure this instruction page. However you can still move the dialog box around to view this page underneath, and you can still scroll the instruction page to see the instructions further down the page. (Alternatively, you could print this page before starting).

  6. There may be a start page already defined in the Home Page textbox, if there is then delete it.

  7. Type www.u3ajavea.org into the Home Page textbox.
  8. Ensure the option above is set to "Show my home page".
  9. Click on the OK button. You have now finished. Easy!!!!
  10. To check that it has worked properly, close down Firefox and restart it.
    It should go straight to the Jávea U3A Home Page.


There are many versions of Firefox in common use. The process above should work for all versions although the detailed layout within the dialog box may vary slightly from that pictured above.