Jávea U3A

How to Join

Joining the Jávea U3A

Anyone not in full-time employment can join the Jávea U3A. Once enrolled you are entitled to join any of the activity groups (unless a group is already fully subscribed), and take part in the various events, travel trips and excursions.

Our monthly meetings are held on the last Wednesday of each month, apart from July, August and December when our Organisation is closed for holidays.

Members are also welcome to come to the Parador each month from 9:30-10:45 to:

  • talk to the Travel Group and book for trips,
  • book for any other events available at that time,
  • visit our Book and DVD Swop Desks
  • and, of course, to meet and make new friends.

Our main meeting commences at 11:00 prompt and, once enrolled, you are welcome to attend. The meeting ends about 12:30. There is normally a guest speaker after the more formal part of the meeting.

Membership and Renewal Information

The Membership Desk(s) are open between 9:30 - 10:30 and close promptly at 10:30.


New Members - How To Join (or rejoin after being deleted)

Anyone interested in joining the Jávea U3A should print the Membership Application Form (below), fill it in and bring it to the next General Meeting at the Parador. Remember, the New Members Desk closes at 10:30. [The New Members Desk may carry a small number of printed Application Forms for those without printers!]

The New Members Desk is now located in the downstairs foyer (just before the Main Hall).

Anyone joining the Jávea U3A is required to pay a one-off JOINING FEE (currently €10 for 2018) in addition to the yearly subscription (currently €10 for 2018).

To view, download or print the Membership Application Form.

Membership of the Jávea U3A is for one calendar year - this means that you must renew your Membership in January each year as defined below. New Members may join at any meeting between January and October.

If you have any questions regarding this process, then you should contact the Membership Secretary on


Membership Cards


We have new Membership Cards printed each year, with the year on the front.


These cards contain Name and Membership Number on the back.


Renewing Your Membership in January

Membership is for one calendar year and therefore you are required to renew your membership in January.

The Jávea U3A puts a lot of effort into making the renewal process in January as smooth and easy as possible, minimising the amount of queuing.  Many ordinary members offer their time and work hard as volunteers to achieve this. In recognition of this, we ask for you to make every effort to renew in January.

At the January Open Meeting there will be 5 Renewal Desks in the Main Hall operating non-stop from 10:00 until 12:00.  Each desk will handle a different spread of surnames, clearly marked. All you need to do is to go to the desk that is handling your surname. 

There are three ways that you can renew your membership in January:

  • Go to the January Open Meeting at the Parador between the times mentioned above and pay at the appropriate Renewal Desk.  Once you have paid you will be handed your new Membership Card(s).
  • If you cannot attend this meeting then, put your subscription fee(s) in an envelope with your old card(s), if possible, seal the envelope, write your name(s) on the envelope and give the envelope to a friend or a group leader to bring along to the January Open Meeting for you.  Whoever pays for you, will be given your new Membership Card(s).
  • Pay by bank transfer.  This can be initiated from Spain or from the UK.  The details you need to supply to this transfer are defined below.  You can collect your new Membership Card(s) when you next attend a General Meeting at the Parador.

If you do not renew your membership in January (by one of the above methods) then you are in danger of being deleted from the Membership.

The Jávea U3A is trying to help you, so please help us and yourselves by doing everything you can to renew in January. Thank you.


Renewing Your Membership in February

If you were unable to renew in January, then you must renew in February to avoid being deleted.

Your choices are the same as in January:

  • come to the February meeting yourself and renew,
  • get a friend to come to the February meeting and renew for you,
  • renew via bank transfer.

Although there is a Renewal Desk at the February meeting, there is only one desk, and it is only open for one hour.  If too many people turn up to renew in February, then some may queue only to be disappointed when the desk closes promptly at 10:30. In such a case you will have to renew via bank transfer. 

Please note that you cannot pay Membership Subscription (renewals or joining) by cheque, only by cash or Bank Transfer.

Remember, if you fail to renew by February, then you will be deleted and unable to participate in any of the Jávea U3A activities until you rejoin. You may rejoin at any time between February and October without incurring the New Members JOINING FEE. If you let your Membership lapse for a whole Calendar year, then you will be subject to the NewMembers JOINING FEE when you do rejoin.


To view, download or print the Membership Renewal Form.


Change of Details

If you are already a member and wish to record a change any of your personal details (e.g. telephone numbers, email address etc.), then all you need to do is send an email to the Membership Secretary, with your full name and memberships number, along with details of the changes.

Alternatively, you can fill in a change form that can be obtained at any monthly meeting or downloaded by clicking below.

To view, download or print the Membership Change Details Form.


Payment of Membership Subscription By Bank Transfer

Your can renew your Membership Subscription by Bank Transfer. Your new Membership Card will be available for collection at any General Meeting at the Parador.

The Bank Transfer Code for Membership Subscription is SUB. This code must be used in the Bank Transfer.

Details of how to make the payment is in Payment By Bank Transfer.


Guidelines For Using Members’ Personal Details.

These guidelines are produced in order to protect the private information of members of Javea U3A, especially when using e-mail.

To view, download or print these Guidelines.


Jávea U3A Statutes

A copy of the amended Statutes in English are available to read.  These were approved in 2015. 


English version.  

PDF Reader

To view a PDF document you will need a PDF reader installed on your computer. These are free to download and use. See PDF Readers for more details.